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AirBuccaneers is a Co-operative Vehicle based Team Deathmatch game with fierce aerial battles between the Buccaneers and the Vikings in beautiful Scandinavian landscapes. Players assume the roles of Buccaneers and Vikings and fly around the skies with their heavily armed hot air balloons in squad based combat that demands seamless teamwork and co-operation. The game has been heavily inspired by the Finnish national epic Kalevala and the Nordic Viking mythology. This isn't basic run-and-gun FPS game: The cannons need to be loaded, aimed and ignited, the airships are hard to steer and the winds are fickle, and lone warrior in general is pretty much useless. The goal of the game is to take down enemy airships or dominating a marked point in the map instead of killing other players. AirBuccaneers emphasizes teamwork and co-operation and follows the 4Co ideology that's in the core of LudoCraft's team building serious games: Communication, Coordination, Co-operation and Collaboration.

RSS AirBuccaneers v0.60 Update Out Now!

New AirBuccaneers update is out! New map and tons of fixes, tweaks and improvements! Update and get on buccaneering!

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The v0.60 update for AirBuccaneers is ready and available for download. If you already have version 0.50 or 0.51 installed it will automatically update to the 0.60 version. It will first update the launcher and then the actual game files. These should go through in a row, but in some cases the game might start in between the updates. So if the game launches after the first update, shut it down and launch it again in order to trigger the second update.

If you have older version than 0.50 or just want to download it manually, you can grab it from our download section.

This update will be the last major Alpha release before Beta. Of course we will provide smaller updates and fixes for the Alpha while you’re all waiting for the Beta.


  • New features
    • Admin can now restart map with /restartmap.
    • Admin can now skip to next map with /nextmap.
    • New post process effects.
    • New airmine models added. Airmines look different for both teams.
    • Added new map: Trollivuono.
  • Fixes / Improvements
    • Fixed wind bump sound being played for all players everywhere.
    • Fixed camera sometimes showing view from (0,0,0) after level has loaded.
    • Fixed wrong message in updater when cancelling download.
    • Fixed mouse/focus issues in KickVote system.
    • Musket projectile should now hit center of crosshair.
    • Fixed a rare case where server authentication could fail.
    • Players can no longer set same character name as other players.
    • Fixed issues with invisible/disappearing weapons.
    • Fixed server full issue.
    • Fixed control bindings not getting saved to settings.txt.
    • Fixed characters sometimes falling through end room floor.
    • Disconnect/connect exploit is no longer usable when KickVote is running.
    • Animation blending improvements.
    • Animation fixes/changes.
    • All explosions now cause ragdoll to fly outwards from explosion origin if player dies.
    • Admin privileges will now stay permamently while admin is ingame.
    • Telescope performance fix.
    • Quality settings now have a Custom quality which is the only one where advanced settings can be changed.
    • Fixed invalid AA level being set from advanced settings when changing it.
    • Fixed XpToNextRank and Rank not updating between level loads.
    • Boost selection arrow now has shadow.
    • Fixed chat not working if joining when game is in end room mode.
    • Fixed captured ship not giving xp when destroyed.
    • Fixed captured ship not giving xp for hits.
    • Fixed airmine projectile sometimes hitting the player shooting it.
    • Fixed potential issue where airmine projectile could destroy the active airmine on creation.
    • Fixed cannon sometimes not playing shoot sound properly.
    • Gunpowder is again thrown automatically if held for too long.
    • Added next level name to loading screen.
    • Fixed team selection not saving in ranked games when changing team.
    • Fixed footstep landing sound playing on jump and not on land.
    • Server indicators now scale animation based on player amount in each server.
    • Increased kirmukarmu check frequency.
  • Balance
    • XP is now accumulated for player’s both characters equally.
    • Decreased XP gained from boarding by 80%.
    • No XP is given from boarding anchored ships.
    • Decreased flamer damage by 13%.
    • Increased rocket launch force by 31%.
    • Decreased active airmine base damage by 34%
    • Active airmine now gives decreased damage to players (66% of the base damage).
    • Airmine will now add impulse force to players when exploding.

This changelist can also be found in the game folder under name “Changelist.txt”.

It’s once again time to get buccaneering! See you in the skies!

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