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In a world where reality blends with dreams, an ancient revolting and unmentionable evil has woken up, bringing with it death and chaos. Only courage, force and steel can bring back order. Age of Barbarian is a side scrolling game that mixes many different elements together: Role Play Game, Platform and Hack'n Slash. It takes, reconsiders and amplifies the original concept of games such as Moonstone and the Barbarian series, mixing in elements from Prince of Persia. Aside from the battles, there are zones to explore, traps to avoid and even small riddles to solve. Age of Barbarian is strongly inspired by Robert E. Howard's world of Conan and its representation by the great illustrator Frank Frazetta and has an added splash of horror.

Post news RSS Age of Barbarian Ex has received a new DLC and a new update

Age of Barbarian Ex has received a new DLC and a new update.

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Dear Barbarians! We are excited to announce you that "The Slaves' Fortress" is Now Available on Steam!

Age of Barbarian Ex DLC1 002 1

DLC features:
- Fight your way through the Dungeon of the Slaves' Fortress.
- Two formidable new bosses are waiting for you.
- Ride the mighty beast known as "Mok".
- Face terrible new enemies such as the Spider-worm or the Pigwarrior.
- Two new weapons, the Saw-axe and the Sword-Axe.
- Find the new hidden treasures.
- Save the slaves from their fate.

The Slaves Fortress 03

The New DLC is available for only $3,99!

In addition to the launch of our new DLC we've also updated Age of Barbarian Ex to v1.8.3
-Moreover, we've decided to bundle up the Age of Barbarians Series, so we're happy to announce you that we've released three new Bundle:

Age of Barbarian Ex - Bundle, which include the base game and the DLC "The Slaves' Fortress".
Age of Barbarians Story - Bundle, which include: Arena an Age of Barbarians Story, Deathbringer and Age of Barbarians: the Heavy Metal song.
Age of Barbarians - Collector's Edition, which include: Age of Barbarian Extended Cut, Arena an Age of Barbarians Story, The Slaves' Fortress, Deathbringer and Age of Barbarians: the Heavy Metal song.

The Slaves Fortress 02

The Slaves Fortress 07

The Slaves Fortress 04

Age of Barbarian Ex 1.8.3

- Frame Rate optimized, now the game should run more smoother.
- Optimized graphic compression.
- Kar-Azza 3-3b: Some minor graphic glitches, fixed.
- Furon-Azza: In some levels, the scrolling's behavior is weird, fixed.
- Rahaan the beginning, a bkg was cutted bad, fixed.
- Some animations are now better interconnected.
- Apeman: Sometimes if an Apeman is facing to the right, his strike doesn't hit, fixed.
- Flame SFX glitch, fixed.
- Kar-Azza: The player knocked on the ground was pushed to the left, fixed.
- Kar-Azza 3-1: Aishi (the maiden), was still present even if slready saved, fixed.
- Kar-Azza 3-1: Frame rate drop down, fixed.
- Character Info: Power, wasn't displayed correctly, fixed.
- Inventory Menu: If it was opened close to the side of the screen, it wasn't visible, fixed.
- Game code optimization.

New Contents:
- Character Info: Now is possible to Equip the items (you can select a maximum of three objects).
- You can see the equiped objects, even from the rose menu.
- Rahaan: the idle animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: the idle animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Rahaan: the walk animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: the walk animation was too rigid, replaced.
- Sheyna: Crouch animation improved.
- Sheyna: Parry animation improved.
- Rahaan: Falling animation imroved.
- Sheyna: Falling animation imroved.
- Apeman: Split in half animation, replaced with a more gory one.
- Vampire bat: Now it could be dismembered.
- New item: Gold bag, it could contain from 25 to 50 gold pieces.
- Now, when the Player Pick up the coins, the specific amount is visualized.

- Combo System improved.
- Pick up the coins doesn't request to crouch anymore.
- Vampire Bat: AI improved.
- Gameplay: Now is possible to roll while running.
- High/Low spinning slash, are now a little bit faster.
- We have hand painted and retouched a lot of BKG in various levels.
- Furon-Azza (Dragon): Scrolling improved.
- Furon-Azza (Dragon): The background is now animated and improved.
- Apeman: Now, some animations are smoother.
- Sabertooth tiger: some animations are now improved.
- Sabertooth tiger: the "deadly wounds" are now localized (head/torso).
- Marauder: New standing animation.
- Menu (in game): Some cosmetic changements.
- Inventory Menu: When activated, the screen will zoom in slightly.
- Water effect improved.
- Various FX are now improved.





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