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Kennedy's speech was one that inspired many hopes and dreams. His ambitious goal of landing on the moon filled Americans, and indeed the whole world, with joy. As a young child, you are inspired. How cool it'd be to walk where no man has been before. After the announcement of this goal, all you can think of is the moon, and nothing will stop you from getting there!

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The Engine is Finished!


The Progress
So, It's been a while since I've worked on this game. In that time I've been busy with school, so that's left me busy. (I have been learning Java!) However, I figured out a solution to my resolution problem! Well, more precisely, I thought of a better way to Google the problem, this time actually finding some results. For the record, I got my information from these two links:

The Technical Bits

I did have to modify this of course as I didn't want the game auto-setting the resolution. (Though I had been thinking for a while of making it so that the game can do this if the player doesn't know what "resolution" even means.) Also, I needed it to not interfere with following the main player, while still being centered on itself. I achieved this by setting the last value, which tells what to follow, to an object I created called "follow." When the object "Player" exists, it sets it's X and Y to the Player's X and Y, therefore it will center there. If the Player object does not exist, it simply won't move and I place it centered where I want it. Problems solved!

The Future
Now what am I going to do? Well, now that the engine is finished, I'm going get to start working on the graphics, and the game play!
On another note, I have been playing with Linux and have actually started to make it my default OS, therefore, I am sympathetic toward Linux Users... So, I'm going to see if I can get the game working on Wine/Play on Linux. As far as compatibility for a Mac, I'd need the money to buy not only Game Maker Studio, but also that to buy an actual Macintosh. So, if the game is popular, I can do that. But that's looking way ahead.

Well, I have the engine out of the way. (Oh, I do have to save the settings so that you don't have to enter them every time, but I'll do that later.) So, now I can make the game actually a game and not just a player who can walk around a background with a house like I have now. So, stay tuned!

Hello! - First news of A Trip to the Moon - 9-6-2012

Hello! - First news of A Trip to the Moon - 9-6-2012


Hello, this is my newest project. It is better then any of my previous efforts. My methods for graphics are better, so it will look nicer. I am using...

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