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'Nifty' is a simulation, containing as much algorithmically generated content as possible and as little static content as feasible. The entire population of the world, including the player character you control is procedurally generated and will never be the same over multiple runs. All the ‘AI constructs’ trapped in this perpetual simulation just want to survive. All except for you, you want to escape. To be able to flee from this world and make it into persistent memory where you can exist indefinitely in peace, you have to cause enough damage to the world around you as to slip through the cracks. But destroying one’s own world has consequences...

Screenshot of an early game

Screenshot of a late game

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a nifty green light


When we started work on our nifty little game, there was this brand new thing Valve was trying out which would enable indie developers to get their game on Steam if the community wanted it. Steam Greenlight they called it an we thought "that's an interesting idea, once our game is mature enough, we should try that". Today, many years later, the day has finally come. We are happy to announce our very first, very own greenlight campaign which you can find on greenlight.aniftygame.com. We would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for us and maybe leave a comment to tell us what you think. Thank you for your support.

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