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The traditional multisports arcade title reinvented for the modern era. Then thrown away along with games that require more than two digital inputs and more than a single plane of movement. Imagine Hypersports, Track and Field or Daly Thompsons Decathlon taking place on a line and you've just imagined the future of multisport arcade titles.

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This game has nothing to do with London 2012. The image is the Londinium MMXII logo designed by John Graham Cummings.

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Apparently there is a sporting event taking place over the next few weeks. For legal reasons I can't name the city, London, or the year I am posting this message together because once they exist in same place they are considered protected so from now on we'll just have to be careful.

This game is a thinly disguised window into a recently discovered dimension existing along side ours that holds a quadrennial sporting event to decide who is best at sport from the glorious nations of Red, Green and Blue and may bear a passing resemblance to 2D sports titles previously released in this dimension that may or may not have have had had an official seal of approval from a committee protecting branding for a certain event or may have used another previously safe moniker such as 'Summer Games' but it is not a simulation of a sporting event currently about to start in the London borough of Stratford.

This game is being developed some 20 miles from the home of the Wenlock Olympian Society Annual Games a forerunner of the modern games by a person who regularly cycles those hills and has taken part in it's local triathlon as an amateur showing the corinthian spirit sadly lacking in so many sporting events taking place in 2012 which is besides the point because this game is has nothing to do with the mountain in Greece that was considered the home of the major gods.

So to clear up any confusion this game is nothing to do with events being organised by LOCOG or intends to infringe it's claimed rights on the following phrases.

  • The Olympic symbol
  • The Paralympic symbol
  • The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic emblems
  • The words ‘London 2012’ and ‘2012’
  • The words ‘Olympic’, ‘Olympiad’, ‘Olympian’ and their plurals and things very similar to them – e.g. ‘Olympix’
  • The words ‘Paralympic’, ‘Paralympiad’, ‘Paralympian’ and their plurals and things very similar to them – e.g. ‘Paralympix’
  • The Olympic motto: ‘Citius Altius Fortius’ / ‘Faster Higher Stronger’
  • The Paralympic motto: ‘Spirit in Motion’
  • The Team GB logo
  • The Paralympics GB logo
  • The British Olympic Association logo
  • The British Paralympic Association logo
  • London2012.com (and various derivatives)

or it's claims that using the phrases 'Twenty Twelve’, ‘Games’, ‘Gold’, ‘sponsors’ and ‘medals’ together could cause confusion in the minds of simpletons the general public.

I'll address these concerns here to clear up any confusion that may arise from this game being based on a quadrennial sporting event in a single dimension recently discovered by science and how that relates to the protected symbols and phrases.

None of the symbols can exist in the 1D world and it takes a certain amount of cooperation between the different races of the 1D World to even make some of the colours involved so LOGOG's protected logos are safe from accidental infringement.

We don't yet understand how time is measured in the 1D World and we don't expect another major coincidence to occur so the number 2012 and the phrase 'Twenty-Twelve' should be safe.

And we can't even comprehend how mountains would work in a single dimension so phrases relating to Mount Olympus (currently in hock to the EU) are also safe.

With respect to the official Olympic mottos Higher has no meaning to the participants in 1D Sports and we are renegotiating the official motto of 1D Sports away from the suggested "Points in Motion" due to it's similar morphology to the Paralympic motto and although the motto was never officially used we would now like to distance ourselves from the suggestion that it might have been considered at one point. Point, get it, point. No? OK move along nothing to see here.

All the scientists at Distorted Poetry working on a window to another dimension masquerading as a video game would like to thank everyone for their interest in this title and would like to further remind readers that this project is nothing to do with a world wide sporting event based in the modern capital city of England near this location 51.54615°N 0.01269°W. Thank you and good luck to all 1D Sporting competitors which ever dimension you reside. (Oh, and good luck to all participants in the Olympic Games 2012 we hope everybody performs to the best of their ability and luck plays no part in results. Although I obviously want Team GB's cyclists and Triathletes to complete a whitewash :) )

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