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Oct 19 2018 Anchor
Card games have been a very popular leisure activity for people for centuries. With limited cards, there are endless possibilities for games,
 and this is reflected well in video games too. If you are feeling like playing some card games, here are some of the best ones at Manti 
1. Card Shuffle

Card Shuffle seems like a childish game. 

On its own, Card Shuffle seems like a childish game. But it does something far greater: make you a better card player. In most games, like 
Poker, people often find it confusing to remember what the various scoring combinations (or hands) are and how do they stack against each 
other. Card Shuffle allows you to practice that by making the best hands and scoring the highest.
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2. FreeCell Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world without a doubt. FreeCell Solitaire is one of its variations that make the game 
easier to play. It follows the rules of Solitaire, i.e., various decks of cards must be sorted by replacing cards of alternative colors. There are
 4 slots where cards must be placed in ascending order, starting with the Aces. 
However, FreeCell Solitaire adds another feature: 4 empty slots where you can place whatever card you want. This ensures that you are not
 stuck at a dead-end.

3. Blackjack City

End up at the blackjack table with only $50. 
The famous game of blackjack comes to your browser as you play this simple yet classy game. You end up at the blackjack table with only 
You must use this money to win and reach higher ranks. The game follows all the rules of blackjack: the objective is to reach the card total
 of 21 as close you can, and higher than the dealer. The score of more than 21 would result in a bust. After setting the bet amount, you can
 choose to go double, hit, or stand. 
Undoubtedly one of the best blackjack games out there. This game can help you improve patient significantly. 
If you want to gain more interesting knowledge and enhance other necessary skills from some games to play with a friend online, 
try the beauty games for more now!
4. Ancient Wonders Solitaire

As far as Solitaire games go, this one is a pretty interesting variation. Ancient Wonders Solitaire deals with the inverse, so you have pairs of 
Queen-Ace, Jack-Two and so on. You must match such pairs to remove them from the board. There is a pile with spare cards to match from, 
and also a Free Cell to remove a card temporarily from the deck. Compared to other solitaire games, this is quite a fun game that keeps you

5. Black Widow Solitaire

Add another layer of random cards 
For the most part, it is quite similar to Solitaire. You must replace cards of alternative colors to sort them in order. When there are no more
 replacements left, you can shuffle to add another layer of random cards. However here is the catch: instead of standard 4 decks, there are 
8. So if you thought that Solitaire was too easy for you, you should definitely check out Black Widow Solitaire to see what difficulty looks
 like. So, are you ready to kill some time with the magic cards? Pick your favorite and have fun.
Last but not least, the happiness doesn’t end here, check the link below right now! You can find more games that easy to get on the 
internet  Mantigames.kinja.com<

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