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Which in your opinion is the best engine for vr (Forums : VR / AR Gaming : Which in your opinion is the best engine for vr) Locked
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Jun 20 2016 Anchor

Which in your opinion is the best engine for vr and why ?

Oct 17 2016 Anchor

For us it's a tie between Unity and Unreal. All you need is specific plugins and as long as you have a plugin you can make a VR game. You just have to watch out for framerate and having effective movement controls. With Unity it's a simple as plugging it in

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Oct 24 2016 Anchor


Dec 13 2016 Anchor

In my personal opinion, both engines were pretty easy to start ramping up in. Ultimately, I chose Unity 5 as the starting point for a project. Unity was easier and faster for me to build a VR experience, which is what I needed. This isn’t to say Unreal Engine 4 can’t, I simply chose the tool I could see myself building quickly with. Eventually, I will transition to UE4 because I believe in the long run it will offer the best tools for creating the highest quality experiences, if I'm planing for more bigger PC/Console project, currently i'm working on mobile VR.

Aug 6 2017 Anchor

I haven't experienced VR so far. How do I even get started?

Aug 28 2017 Anchor

JacobVR, What's the name of your project and when will it be available to us. If you have the time and you are interested, I would like to test out your VR application when you are ready.

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