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Jul 22 2018 Anchor

Whats your favorite mobile game currently?

Aug 27 2018 Anchor

I'm personally a fan of Hogwarts Mystery.

Sep 2 2018 Anchor

I love Kingdom Rush, Sword Requiem.

Nov 4 2018 Anchor

My favorite game is always PUBG whether on a PC or on a phone but COC IS GOOD

Dec 2 2018 Anchor

It depends, but when it comes to 2 player gaming

PubG is really cool if you want action.

If you want simple strategy with Multiplayer its hands down SNAKE TRAP MULTIPLAYER

and if you want old school its Battle Ship CLassic

Dec 15 2018 Anchor

Swordigo is quite fun game from a small indie developer company, and Kingdom Rush is awesome!


popcorn and showbox 4 life

Jan 11 2019 Anchor

Jan 22 2019 Anchor

I am a huge fan of simple puzzle game so probably fill. Play.google.com

Jan 28 2019 Anchor


Jan 30 2019 Anchor
Feb 4 2019 Anchor

LudoChat is a game which refreshes the childhood days in a modern way. Being a classic board game, it can be played between friends, family & kids via offline and also with online worldwide players by using online modes.

Mar 3 2019 Anchor

Now it is Fortnite.But this is gonna be:

Wastedland Game

Mar 5 2019 Anchor

What about guns of boom? have anyone play in this game?

Mar 7 2019 Anchor

think it's clash of clans. i played it in the past to a very high level, then decided to quit as it' was not as compelling as it had been after 2 years playing. saw it in the top 100 games on apknite, and decided to play again, and the new updates and new modes has pulled me back to the game. so currently, i am in love again with the game

Mar 11 2019 Anchor

WalterHMitchell how many $ did you spend in this game for 2 years?

Mar 20 2019 Anchor

I've spent around 50$ for Guns of boom I receive a good weapon in the start but after 1 week I've meat same donaters and I understand that free games are more expensive then not free :)

Mar 21 2019 Anchor

nowboarding at high speed has never been as relaxing as it is in Alto's Adventure. Very simple one-touch controls let you guide Alto (and several other unlockable characters) down the mountain while getting big air, grinding edges and performing multiple backflips. Beautiful endless mountain scenery, amazing day-to-night transitions and a mesmerizing soundtrack (you should definitely wear headphones) make this is a must have on any device. I got it from top1apk for a while. But, im not sure it's still there or not.

Apr 4 2019 Anchor

i like poker and mobile legends

Apr 15 2019 Anchor

kitty and puppy run game : Play.google.com

Apr 17 2019 Anchor

mobile legend :)

Apr 18 2019 Anchor


If you want my favourite game list now then I mention only one game which I like most it's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds(pubg).

and if you want to talk about racing game then Real Racing 3 is always in my bucket.

May 7 2019 Anchor

One of my favorite mobile game is:


May 11 2019 Anchor

I played a hopeless 2 it's an extremely fantastic and superb game.

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May 14 2019 Anchor

Pung mobile one like this game. you can download free games at mobidescargar.com

May 27 2019 Anchor

I like Bird Hunting Games

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