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Jan 3 2020 Anchor

Hi all,

Like the title says, this is (as far as I've been able to deduce from google) a very particular and not often talked about subject. So let's not dilly dally and get right to what I want:

I would like to be able to split the audio in Final Fantasy VII (PC Steam version) so that I can send the sound effects and music to two different (virtual) outputs. I have not found any method to do this (the game is in itself only one source ofcourse), but I was wondering if maybe, just maybe it would be possible to create a mod that would do this. After all, the two sources are adjusted individually in the game itself.

I know NOTHING about modding FF7, or the code, or the engine, or anything that is not related to the story or the gameplay. This means I could very well be asking for something impossible. But since I don't KNOW that yet, I figured I'd put some feelers out to see if anyone more experienced than me has some insight on the matter or possibly would be able to do this. I realize that this is probably a very niche thing, and depending on possibility/difficulty might be regarded as not worth anyone's time, but to know IF this would be possible would be a good place for me to start.

Kind Regards,

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