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Feb 22 2020 Anchor

Greetings dear total war fans,

I would like to discuss the possibility of Third Age Reforged adding all the possible factions to the mod. I am aware Ered Luin and Dol Guldur are still being worked on and that there is a limit to how many units and factions the mod can accept, but if we theorise some genius came and removed the limitations of Medieval II and made it brand new, which other factions should be in the mod?

I have thought about this and came to the conclusion there should be total of 35 factions for the mod to feel complete.







-few elite units (high damaging)

- small mid tier roster

- most numerous of elven factions with low armor (a hybrid between mirkwoods highly skilled mid to low tier units with an armor lack as Lindon and more elites of the kind Imladris has)



Khazad Dum

Ered Luin


-a mixture between Ered Luin and Erebor

- high damaging units with low defence skill

- crossbows, chariots, polearms, one handed axes and swords, plus an unique artillery (a mangonel, canon or ballista)

-heavier mid tier units as the likes of Erebor

-rhunic mercenary cavalry








Dol Amroth







Dunlending Tribes

-enedwaithim and dunlendings

- very few elite and armored units

- lot of AP (maces, spears,axes)

- smaller unit roster

- higher mid tier quality units than rhudaur

- unique and more numerous cavalry, pertaining to the fact they are next door to Rohan

-most elite unit of longbow archers in a wildmen faction (comparable to the dalian dragonslayers)

Vale of Anduin

-Units such as those found in third Age divide and conquer latest version (higher cavalry numbers, beornings, woodsmen, "good warg riders" and one unit of elven spearmen or archers)

-Northmen rangers

- a combination of rohan and rhudaur

Northern Dunedain (see divide and conquer)

Breeland (see divide and conquer)



Misty Mountains



Dol Guldur


-the largest roster of heavily armored mid tier and elite units (similar to gundabad's divide and conquer version)

-the strongest orc faction (comparable to isengard and angmar, however with lowest unit sizes of any orc faction)

-gundabad beserkers, largest troll models, more archers

- highest defensive and attack skill found in an orc faction (comparable to the more elites factions of men but without plate armor)


The Shire

Haradrim Tribes

-Moredain, Tauredain, Limwaith

-a lot of half naked units

- only plate armor units being black numenorians who have settled in far harad and a brownish bronze unit similar to rhuns elites with maces

- unarmored wild mumakil, war beasts, rhinos, half trolls and half orcs

- since they have a lack of armor I would give them the highest defensive skill found in a wildmen faction

- no horse cavalry

- only one piece of artillery (a mangonel looking rock thrower with the accuracy higher than a ballista however with a lower splash damage that can affect a more concentrated area)

Spawn of Melkor

-trolls,worms,non fire breathing dragons(not drake broodlings), balrogs, orcs of the first age or the frozen wastes of forodwaith, spiders, werewolves, creatures of all kinds that have hid in the depths of middle earth awaiting the return of their master

- the elites would be the balrogs,dragons etc..

- mid tier units trolls, half trolls, werewolves, wargs, worms, spiders

- lowest quality units would be hordes of orcs with the largest unit sizes ever (if possible 250 - 500)

- low tier archers

- mostly low to mid tier armored orcs

- Special units:

Sorcerer's of Melkor (10 models of half dead men with one volley of red fire witcher like munition, bearing staves, 3 HP, the stats of the nazgul)

Orc Captains (most elite orc unit, 54 models, stats of the black numenorian temple guards, but with maces)

Guards of Angband (second most elite orc unit with a complement of 112 soldiers of greatshield spear infantry with the stats of guards of orthanc but more brownish red coloration.

Feel free to add your opinion or modification for the factions I chose or if any other should be replaced or added. Thanks

Edited by: Dalarne

Jan 31 2021 Anchor

As one who's had the great pleasure of running third age I'd say most of it works admirably in fact. ;) And thus am certainly considering a run with 'reforged' as well. However in truth I initially ventured to this forum for two reasons really; firstly because, without having paged thru all, yet, admittedly, it appeared that which had had the more recent activity; and secondly to make an inquiry--

I've noticed with my third age mods that while it plays as well as expected it seems the sounds/voices specifically, seem to be precisely those I'd heard on Medieval itself--might I be missing a mod for that aspect I wasn't aware of perhaps?...

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