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Feb 10 2018 Anchor

Dear fans of the Star Wars universe

The modern Lightsaber is a toy with light bulbs. We designed the "ElectricSaber" based on a Tesla coil.
But lightning from a Tesla coil easily pass through each other. And we decided to implement the principle of multi directional currents in the ElecricSaber. Everyone remember the school physics experiment, when the current is passing through two conductors, and the conductors can repel (if the current is multi directional) or attract one another (if the current is unidirectional).
Based on multi directional currents, the sword discharges will not pass through each other, and it will be possible to stop the movement of the enemy's sword. In addition, the electrical discharge with a voltage of 50.000V can paralyze a person as a shocker. And the ElecricSaber becomes a protective device, not a toy.

Mar 29 2018 Anchor

hello tiny build and dynamic pixel also unreal engein

i want hello neighbor

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