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The F12 Eyeball-Implant Light: A Small 'Deus Ex' Mod Request (Forums : PC Gaming : The F12 Eyeball-Implant Light: A Small 'Deus Ex' Mod Request) Post Reply
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Nov 13 2017 Anchor

I'm not much of a modder for the first-gen Unreal engine, so I would like to request a very small modification for my Deus Ex game: I've tested and found for sure that the F12 eye-light implant "projects" a pool of light that NPCs (such as enemies that would otherwise be snuck up on and caught by surprise) can somehow see as if it were an ordinary flashlight. Although even the in-game texts about the implant say, more or less, that the light is generated within the eyeball and then shines onto that eye's retina, et al, so I would like some kind of mod that makes the F12 light invisible to all NPCs and visible only to the player.

I guess such a mod would be quite small an easily scripted by an Unreal I engine pro? I sure would love to have such a mod--honestly I don't even feel like I'm playing a "real", serious Deus Ex game without such a mod in place. Could someone help? Thanks in advance!

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