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Mar 18 2019 Anchor

Tencent will search for innovative games around the world to cooperate through GWB

When games have become a way of entertainment for global users today, Tencent is considering how to make better connection with global game creativity, help more creative and outstanding works grow, and promote the benign development of the industry, so as to improve the quality of entertainment and life of global users.

What is the GWB plan?

GWB, short for ‘game without borders’, is an innovative game supporting plan launched by Tencent in 2019.

The program is face to innovative game developers around the world which aims to search for unreleased innovative games. Tencent has eyed on all-platform games , including PC games, mobile games and H5 games. Both single-player and multiplayer games are available - as long as they're innovative enough.

Tencent is strengthening its overseas layout, hoping to help overseas innovative games enter Chinese market and boost their global influence.

As a result, Tencent is searching for developers interested in developing innovative games. GWB plans to partner with Tencent cloud, INTEL, SONY, Microsoft and ARM to provide massive resource support to developers anywhere in the world.

GWB will provide developers with localization tuning recommendations based on the Chinese market, investment and distribution services. Developers interested in cooperating with Tencent can submit their projects to GWB here:

GWB website: Gwb.tencent.com

Once submitted, Tencent will conduct an internal evaluation of the game and provide feedback. GWB plans to keep long-term operation to find and broaden the value of innovative games around the world.

GWB is more than just one site

GWB is an official collaboration platform for game developers worldwide. It include s GWB GAME AWARDS, ROADSHOW, Program Tutor Team, developer community and etc.

At present, there is over 2 million game developers on GWB platform. Once you register your account on the official website, you can browse the new ideas of games around the world and communicate with the world's excellent developers at any time. once you submit your project, the project will have the opportunity to reach the accurate users around the world through the platform resources provided by Tencent after preliminary review.

The GWB platform establishes connections between developers and experts.If your game is concerned by Tencent experts and passes the preliminary review, you will get expert guidance, financial support, distribution and promotion and other growth resources.

GWB will make you truly experience ‘game without borders’ !


GWB GAME AWARDS is an annual event for global game developers. This year, the GWB GAME AWARDS will partner with Tencent cloud, INTEL, SONY, Microsoft, ARM and other industry heads to pour resources together and provide various supports for game developers.

On the one hand, we have invited experts from Tencent, Microsoft, SONY and other judges to provide technical guidance for developers and help developers solve problems in the process of research and development.On the other hand, the release agent team of Tencent Games will cooperate with excellent projects. The release platforms such as WeChat, mobile QQ and WeGame will provide priority signing opportunities for high-quality projects and traffic recommendation.At the same time, WeChat mini game platform will provide give innovation recognition and encourageent plan referred to rights and interests.

GWB GAME AWARDS was officially launched on March 8th, and registration will last until June 30th.

Welcome game developers to submit projects on GWB official website.

Website address: Gwb.tencent.com

If you have any questions about the event, please contact email: gwbcontact@tencent.com

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