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Sep 10 2020 Anchor

Am I doing this right?

Anyway, I've had a bunch of ideas for new Team Fortress game mods. Here are some I've come up with, and the games they're mods for:

  • Quake Team Fortress II (Quake II): Did you know that TF2 was originally planned to be made in the Quake II engine before Walker and Cook got picked up by Valve? Because it's true. And I wanna see what'll happen if Quake II finally gets the Team Fortress treatment.
  • Quake Team Fortress V (Quake Champions): Bringing back the classic Team Fortress in a modern game! Essentially, a remake of the original game with many new changes and twists.
  • Killing Fortress (Killing Floor): Featuring both 36-player team vs. team combat in multiple fortresses, or a more Killing Floor-style mode with up to 36 players against HUGE hordes of Specimens.
  • Terraria Fortress (Terraria): Taking the Team Fortress style into the second dimension. It'll feature magic, guns, swords, yo-yos, bombs, and all kinds of other weapons and skills.
  • Team Fortress: Modern Warfare (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2): Crossing over two of the biggest FPS giants of all time into a single game that balances realism and unrealism. It'll also feature a Mann vs. Machine-style Zombie mode.

Give me some feedback, please.

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