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Jan 10 2017 Anchor

So, I've been tinkering with XML files and made some adjustments to the game.
Rebels can't raid planets past space warfleet/base in any way.
Only space on space combat.
There are no ground buildings except:
Ion Cannon/Hypervelocity Gun
Mining Facility
Research Facility
Buildings that are prebuilt when starting Galactic Conquest can't build any units.
Sadly you still have to wipe out the remaining structures by hand or autoresolve.

And that is why I try to find some advice on how to make planet automaticaly build Superguns and Mining on capture.
If I remove any accessibility to planet's surface there won't be any option to build Planet-Space weapons (and I'm in love with Hypervelo).
As an alternative option, I wonder if there's any chance on moving such structures to space tab, so there wont be any need to make surface accessible in any way.

AI doesn't seem to like these changes, as it doesn't have any ability to build and army and conquer the planet and it won't resort to using only hero units.
So that's one more point on removing access to the planet's surface.

PS: I'm planning on sharing the files (they won't replace any old ones thankfully), though I'd like to do it when all is in proper working condition.

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