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Stalker Lost Alpha 1.4005 Nimble dissapears when I bring the improved TRs 301 (Forums : PC Gaming : Stalker Lost Alpha 1.4005 Nimble dissapears when I bring the improved TRs 301) Post Reply
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Feb 24 2018 Anchor

Anyone else has this problem?

I took from Nimble the task to bring the improved TRs 301 (which I found at the Army Warehouses).

Problem is, when I come back with the weapon in Cordon, near the Stalker village, I get the message "Task failed" and Nimble (whose location was visible somewhere near Sidorovich's bunker) dissapears from the map.

Is this part of the story or just a glitch in the game?

Thank you an advance.

Apr 1 2018 Anchor

I had the same issue but using guides to fast travel to cordon and then away again (if you run away it will fail the same as running towards).....only thing is the money it costs - but its worked for me twice now.

Apr 3 2018 Anchor

Thanks for the tip.

However, I think I found the solution. You need to talk first to that guy Kolovrat, who lives in a wooden shack in the swamp near the Army Warehouses. He will also ask you to retrieve the rifle. After you bring it to him and complete this side mission you can continue and take the rifle back to Nimble without any issues.

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May 11 2018 Anchor

Playing developers Cut .0005 Did not have the problem with Nimble. Does anyone else have the problem with a 4 minute timer when you get to lab X10 to disable security, find code, prop open door and disable 4 emitters? Does not seem possible. I kept Nimble's ecolog prototype suit and have all the Psi upgrades but am always under a timer in Radar/x10 of 2 or 4 minutes, am I missing something?

Jun 3 2018 Anchor

You need to get the passkey for X10 from Nomad (an Izlom looking mutant scientist that can be found in the Radar area). If you have the passkey, the counter won't be activated.

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