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Aug 22 2017 Anchor

Dear fellows,

I need help with running my most favorite game of all times - Blade of Darkness.

I used to be with Windows 7 but now I am with Windows 10.

I tried reinstalling but won't work. Is there any raster addon for Windows 10?

I would be the happiest if someone helps with this thing.

Blade of Darkness is the best game ever and I used to mod it myself last year but I am with tied hands now. I've completed this game more than 150-160 times and I am still keen on it. Please help!

P.S. You can find me at Facebook.com


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Jan 2 2018 Anchor

IT WORKS! Finally Blade of Darkness works!

I've played the demo multiple times in 2001. I later bought the full game, but never got it running under Windows XP or Windows 7.
Tree days ago I have found this page and TheISOZone, pointing out it should run under Windows 7 and the first edition of Windows 10.

The changes made under Windows 10-1709 are:
- Activated "DirectPlay" through: Settings / Apps / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off / Legacy Components
- Updated the game to v1.001
- Installed rOpenGL - Set it to 1920x1200a60fps
- Installed BOD Mod Loader
- Installed FogFix v1.2 by Dan Morris (Sir Random)
- Changed Game-folder rights to allow changes by users
- Set compatibility mode for all users: Windows Vista (SP0) / Override high DPI scaling behavior to Application / Disable fullscreen optimizations / Run this program as an administrator

17 years after I bought the game I can now play it for the first time, thanks to this page.
Thank You very much.

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Jan 19 2018 Anchor

Windows 10 64bit full Compatibility: Blade of ligt v 1.5 mod enb 0.242 and Gorentity Mod 2016

1. Install Microsoft visual Studio Community!!!!
2. Enable DirectPlay
3. Install USA Blade of Darkness, NO install DirectX 8 or DX9!!!!
4. Install USA 1001 Patch
5. Install nGlade 2.00 and select directX mod.
6. Install Gorentity Mod 2016
7. Install Blad of Light ENB mod.
8. Open the Menu.py file (inside the Scripts folder) with a text editor and add this two lines at the bottom:
import weaponLight
8. Install language files

If the game doesn't start also try to copy ../data/video/EnglishUS/main.mpg to ../data/video/
rename the folder ../data/video/ to ../data/video.bak/

If dont requires DOF effect then open enbeffectprepass.fx with text editor in the "bin" directory and overwrite "#define USE_BOKEH_DOF 1" to
"#define USE_BOKEH_DOF 0" Now all in focus

I Pc Config: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4, Core I7 3770, Geforce 670, 8 GB Ram, Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

Game setup r3Dfx Voodoo 1-2 and start

Nov 18 2018 Anchor

Hello I am having a problem with the Blade of Light mod (I found this discussion linked in the forum of the mod) and what happens is after the intro the screen takes up about 1/4 of the screen (windowed mode for some reason) and is completely black and I can't interact with it.

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