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Script for mechapede in Kane's Wrath world builder (Forums : Coding & Scripting : Script for mechapede in Kane's Wrath world builder) Locked
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Nov 5 2020 Anchor

Hi! Can someone tell me what is the script for making mechapede in Kane's Wrath world builder? Unit has 2 parts - head and body. How to put it on map as a single unit?

Nov 19 2020 Anchor

Hey, the units "mechapede head" and "mechapede body" is not the vanilla Mechapede, the unit names you need to look for are called "AlienCustomizableVehicle", "Reaper17CustomizableVehicle", or "Traveler59CustomizableVehicle".

But if you are looking to add more segments during battle, through the use of scripts.

- First you have to give the "unit" a name (any name will do)

- Then, open up the scripts tap in worldbuilder, and select "NewScript". and go to "Actions if True" Tap, in the script

-Then, select "New", Then select the plus sign next to "Unit_" and select "Special power --fire.[636}"

-Then, select "Unit'???'" and change that to the name that you gave to the Mechapede and Press "OK"

-Then. select "Special power '???'." and find one of these special Powers:





Or you can copy and paste these in, which you think is easier.

Then "OK", and Press "OK", Then "OK" one last time.

Then press "Apply" button, then save.

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