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May 16 2020 Anchor

Ace For Fun

Ace For Fun (AFF) is a free multiplayer online RPG tennis game. In this game, players are allowed to play with other players or AI.

Players will be able to buy his/her own clothes/rackets/tools with currency points which gained by matches or quests. In the current version, there are 2 modes; Basic and Battle. Players will be able to choose whether ranked or unranked for a match. There will be 2 vs 2 and 1 vs 1 options.Basic Mode is typical basic tennis rules which doesn't include any other rules. In Battle Mode, players have hit points and they try to cast skill while get round by score. They may give damage to opponents by casting skills or defending themselves from dangerous skills. When a player scores, rival players will take some damage.

There are 4 stats for all characters, STR, STA, DEX, and WIS. Each of them has got unique features. STR(Strength) increases damage of skills for battles and velocity of ball in basic modes. Basic mode features effective in battle mode also. That means STR increases velocity of ball in battle mode also. STA(Stamina) decreases duration that players spent to hit ball for basic mode. In battle mode, STA means defense. STA decreases amount of the damage taken during battle mode. DEX(Dexterity) decreases duration of that players spent to cast a skill. DEX increases the amount instances that generated by skills. In basic mode, DEX increases angle of direction that player can hit. WIS(Wisdom) increases spin amount of the ball in basic and battle mode. In battle mode, WIS increases amount of damage taken when players lose a point.

There is a community for Ace For Fun :

There are 2 members in the team. I am founder and developer of the game. There is also 3D Artist and we want 3d character animator. You can see game details here : Indiedb.com

In the game's page, you can see gameplay video(the characters in video are only placeholder) and character 'Kaia'. Maya file is ready with IK controllers. If you interest, you can add me on Discord or send me e-mail with your portfolio.

E-mail : aliavci1380@yahoo.com
Discord : strauss#3782

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