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Dec 12 2018 Anchor

Dawn of War Soulstorm. There are two types of victory in this game. Most territories have maps in which you build and then eliminate the enemy. Unfortunately, some maps are what they call "Capture and Hold" or "Take and Hold" maps. This means when you fight there you must occupy and retain more "critical locations" then the enemy within a time limit.

This would be fine, but the game is set up so that when you invade, you cannot bring your army. Only a commander and honor guard, a tiny handful of units. By contrast, you are entering a territory where the enemy appears to have unlimited resources and units, and with less than 20 seconds, you are run over.

So, mathematically it is not possible to win. Aside from this, it's a very unpleasant frantic button mashing experience to even try.

Clearly this totally ruins the entire game, so I'm thinking that Someone must have figured out a mod to fix this.

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