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Jun 13 2018 Anchor

In RYTE players take on the role of a character known as a Plaguebearer an infected individual thrown into an environment with other infected beings and people to slaughter each other and appease the lords of the land. Plaguebearers dress up like Plague Doctors of old and must survive in this plague-infested gothic city against an array of nightmarish creatures and fellow people.

All while night creeps in, bringing with it, the Ravenous; and a horde of demonic bat-like beings that rend flesh from bone in a manner of seconds. The sole Plaguebearer left standing lives to fight another day and given a chance at getting their hand on the cure.

However, things are so easy. A monstrous creature also roams the city as well, immune to the tearing maws of the Ravenous and this creature is a true nightmare to behold.


RYTE is a Souls-like inspired Battle Royale game set in a gothic-horror inspired medieval, fantasy world. Instead of third person, over the shoulder shooting mechanics, the game adopts a game-play and combat style similar to the popular series of games, Dark Souls. Instead of looting weapons around the world, players must slay these nightmarish creatures known as the Ravenous, and with each creature slain, the players can absorb the creature’s rite and become powerful by taking on enhanced abilities, appearances and methods of slaughtering one another.


  • Each player starts with the same basic weapon load-out. A rusted iron sword, and a makeshift longbow. These weapons are not viable in PvP and are more designed to aid in acquiring your first rite.
  • A third person game with gameplay mechanics and combat heavily inspired from the Dark Souls and Bloodborne game from FromSoftware.
  • Players will be able to play solo, or in a 2 player co-op mode. More modes would be available in the future such as Triples (3v3) and Squads (4v4).
  • One player at the start of the match is chosen as the Monstrous, a dangerous and vile monstrosity in the Ravenous horde. This creature can most of the time easily dispatch the other players and players must utilize teamwork to eliminate it. There will be two Monstrous at launch; the Arachnomog and the Unguluud.
  • Once the Monstrous is slain, a beacon is painted on the player who killed the Monstrous. This player absorbs the Monstrous’ rite and if killed quick enough, the rite can be absorbed and passed on. If a certain amount of time passes, the rite cannot be absorbed upon the player’s demise. Think of this is as a powerful, timed rite.
  • The game will launch with one map with more to follow in the future and it is the gothic inspired city of Traustenberg. A sprawling, massive city that should allow players to traverse and hide fairly well.
  • Deceased players drop their current rite which can be absorbed as well as any Support Items they may have had such as Health Potions, Poison Bombs, etc. The game will have lootable weapons as well, but rites are the main focus of combat. Taking on a player with a rite, while you do not is considered a bad plan.
  • Deceased players spawn in as controllable Ravenous creatures to work together with the AI ravenous to hunt down and kill the surviving players. Ravenous players have a white tinge to their flesh and are slightly more difficult to kill.
  • The swarm of bats works like the kill-zone in other BR games. It pushes players further in, and instead of dropping dead, you’re reduced to a skeleton fairly quickly.

I'm currently the sole developer coding and doing level design. I'm looking for 3D artists to help me build the world, and create creatures and players models as well as some concept artists to create 2D art to aid in the modelers journey. Yes, this is a paid position. If interested, please contact me on here via PM.

Jun 20 2018 Anchor

Hi TerranoByte,

This sounds like a very interesting project. We're an art studio that cover all corners of game art, I've read through all of the information and it sounds like a very unique idea that we'd love to be a part of.

I've sent you a PM with more details about us. If you want more information, check out our website at www.tinytalismangames.com


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