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Jun 12 2018 Anchor


So its been a while since i've been up here, but i've been talking to numerous people in the community. Currently i need 2-3 modders who know how to mod Dawn of war Soul Storm, so far we have a few potential veteran community members from the UA team willing to work on this new project, the goal is to get it published as an official build to replace the current meta in Dawn of war SS. Please see below for more details. My discord name is: Red

The Goal:

  • This mod is for Competitive multiplayer for Dawn of war Soul Storm. This mod is FREE


  • $1500 - $2500 Entire Project


  • 3 modders who have at least 2 years experience working with the dawn of war 1 brand who can also do textures
  • Voice Actors with at least 1 year experience
  • Art Director - Sounds, maps, textures, icons & FXs


General Changes:

  • HD Models & Textures
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated Models
  • All Skimmers can now bypass any terrain with the exception of the Necron tomb spider
  • Flyer units TBA
  • Enhanced Camera
  • New Units & Abilities


New Hero Unit:

  • Kyrie - tier 2.5 required: Soul shrine & support portal only one can be built


  • 2x jump that disrupts & causes damage medium area radius Medium cool down
  • Eldritch Winds that cause damage & slow enemies medium area radius Long cool down

New Line Units:

  • Wraithguard - tier 3 required: Mobilize for war research 4 infantry pop cap

New Weapons:

  • Wraithblade option for wraithguard

Race Changes:

  • Bone singer Wraithtomb cooldown increased only available on two bone singers
  • Weapons Platform HP decreased
  • Dark Reaper build time increased
  • Ranger cloak research build time decreased
  • Fire Prism jump ability changed to teleport, Radius increased
  • Webway Gates production cost increased
  • Webway Gates now generate a fleet of foot radius
  • Webway Gates can now teleport
  • Webway Gates HP decreased
  • Fleet of foot is no longer a toggle on infantry units
  • Webway Cloak can now cloak units
  • Webway Cloak now has a cool down instead of a toggle
  • Eldar vehicles can now pass through into the webway
  • Eldar nightwing removed

Replaced Models / Updated Models:

  • Guardians replaced with Dire-Avengers with grenade causes knock back, Damage increased & HP decreased
  • Dark Reaper Updated model
  • Wraithlord Updated Model
  • Webway Gate Updated Model

Space Marine:

New Hero Unit:

  • Venerable Dred - tier 2.5 unit requires machine pit 3 vehicle pop cap only 1 can be built
  • Ability: Plasma Cannon discharge medium radius medium cool down

New Infantry Line Unit:

  • lascannon squad - tier 2 unit comes with squad of 3 with a set up time 2 infantry pop cap

Race Changes:

  • Scout build time increase, Range DPS decreased
  • Land raider Machine Spirit Ability now grants a temporary invulnerability, has a long cool down
  • Chaplain Healing aura decreased
  • Liberian smite radius increased
  • Scout sniper damage increased, range increased
  • Drop Pods Now Cause damage & disrupt upon impact
  • Assault / Space Marine Squads now produce with 3 marines instead of 4 out the barracks
  • Assault Space Marine now use leap which causes damage & knock back upon landing
  • Assault / Space Marine HP slightly increased
  • Whirl Wind now has a barrage ability with a long cool down
  • Landspeeder tempest will stay as is
  • Landspeeder can now bypass any terrain, the jump ability has been removed
  • Force Commanders Orbital bombardment radius slightly increased, DPS increased
  • Predator lascannon fire rate increased

Race Bug Fixes:

  • Double terminators


New Vehicle Unit:

  • Warbiker Mob - Fast attack tier 1 unit requires at least two war banners, 2 popcap, only 1 can be built can also decap, is produced from HQ
  • DeathDred - tier 3 unit 3 vehicle pop cap

Race Changes:

  • Stormboyz Melee DPS decreased
  • Ork Boyz Melee DPS increased, HP decreased
  • Killa Kanz unit walking speed increased
  • Killa Kanz now can be upgraded with a missle launcher
  • War-banners now gain a taunt ability that lasts for a duration if it isn't destroyed upon charging up, the ability grants a temporary speed boost and damage increase to near by units. While the banner is charging the banner is vulnerable and takes on bonus damage.
  • Shoota Boyz now can throw grenades after being researched
  • TBA Burner Bommber now is an ability that effects a large radius, with a long cool down, from the flash gitz.


New Hero Unit:

  • Imotekh the Stormlord - tier 1.5 only one lord can be selected / available per player with a choice of regular necron lord for a early lord or a tier 1.5 necron lord with more HP & Melee DPS. Imotekh the stormlord has 1 teleport with a larger radius then the regular necron lord. medium cool down.

5 New Abilities Exclusive to Imotekh the Stormlord available through archives only 3 can be selected permanently:

All abilities require archives

  • Tesseract Labyrinth Tier 1.5 Creates a Pocket dimension that throws a selected target into oblivion has a long cool down
  • Transdiminesional Displacement Tier 1.5 Temporary speed bonus units next to the lord gain a speed boost long cool down
  • Sempiternal Weave Tier 2 Makes the necron lord temporarily invulnerable & can still attack for a duration long cool down
  • Void field Tier 2 Deflects incoming projectiles in a medium radius around the necron lord for a duration medium cool down
  • Translocation Beacon Tier 3 All warrior & immortal units can teleport to his location long cool down

New Line Unit:

  • Deathmarks - tier 1 Only one squad can be built - 2 infantry pop cap
  • Ability: Phase shift must be researched at summoning core for 75 power, has 1 teleport with a short radius

Race Changes:

  • Scarb build time decreased, HP increased
  • Warriors now cost 50 power
  • Necron HQ now generates 20 power
  • Necron tier 2 power research now cost 450 power up from 350 power
  • Necron Gauss Turret DPS decreased, HP increased
  • Necron Heavy Gauss Turret DPS increased, HP slightly increased
  • Necron LP3 DPS increase
  • Wraith production time decreased
  • Immortals range DPS decreased
  • Immortals now require an upgrade for increased range DPS at Summoning core costs 100 power
  • Tomb Spider micro scarbs now have a toggle to fly & can also engage ground units
  • Necron Destroyers HP increased, DPS slightly decreased
  • Necron Destroyers can now bypass terrain

Replaced Models / Updated Models:

New FX:

  • Immortal Heavy Gauss rifle now shoot in medium bursts of energy

Bug Fixes:

  • Double Monolith Bug
  • Deceiver sync error bug


New Line Units:

  • Rubric Marines - tier 2 can not be put into a rhino - 3 infantry pop cap only one squad can be built
  • Abilities: Fog of War - a deadly mists surrounds an area small radius when active range damage is decreased by 30%. Witch-light - Increases attack speed, eyes glow
  • Tzaangors tier 1.5 requires armory Melee squad only 1 can be produced 2 infantry pop cap

Race Changes:

  • Slave builder unit walking speed now increased with forced labor
  • Raptor Melee DPS increased
  • Chaos Lord unit build time increased
  • Cultist Grenade damage Increased, Range decreased
  • Cultist HP increased
  • Defiler now has a barrage ability, has a long cool down
  • Barracks build time slightly decreased HP decreased
  • Armory build time slightly decreased, HP decreased
  • TBA Chaos Taylon dirty bombing run is now an ability which the chaos lord can call down, effects a medium radius, & slowly kills a target location, has a long cool down,

Updated Model:

  • Horrors

Imperial Guard:

New Line Unit:

  • Bullgryns - tier 3 3 infantry pop cap only one squad can be built

New Weapons:

  • Power Fist - tier 2 required tactica optional wargear for commissioners

Race Changes:

  • Bunker Weapons
  • 1 slot range DPS increased
  • 2 slot range DPS increased
  • 3 slot range DPS increased
  • 3 slot Field of Range increased
  • Tech-priest HP decreased
  • Heavy Weapon Teams Lascannon DPS increased
  • Commander build time increased
  • Commissar build time increased
  • Chimera Range DPS increased
  • Guardsmen Grenade DPS decreased
  • Guardsmen build time Increased
  • Imperial Guard global capping time decreased
  • Kasakin squad now gets 2x grenades
  • Imperial guard can call in 2x squads of guardsmen armed with plasma this requires a tactica and tier 2.5. the ability is called from the HQ. Must have a field of view.
  • Imperial Guard Bomber removed

Dark Eldar:

New Hero Unit

  • Lhamaean - tier 1 made from HQ 2 infantry pop cap only one can be built
  • Abilities: Death Kiss: Medium radius poisons a area & decreases moral

New Line Unit:

  • Wracks tier 2 unit 3 infantry pop cap


  • Dark Eldar now can build webways (uses the old model), these dark webways are weaker then eldar webways, vechiles can not move through them with the exception of jetbikes
  • Dark eldar builder unit will be required to build structures instead of auto building
  • Dark eldar builder unit has the dark matter constructor ability (auto builds buildings) has a long cool down only 2 builders can have it.
  • Dark eldar builder build time decreased
  • Dark eldar builder build cost from 75 req to 90 req
  • Mandrakes build time decreased
  • Archon build time decreased
  • Scourges Range DPS increased, HP increased
  • Corrosion ability now decreases armor of units in the cloud by 15% instead of 8%, cloud radius increased
  • Piercing vision ability now cost 20 soul power instead of 40, decreased cool down time
  • Rend soul no longer is a single target but now has a medium radius with a long cool down and lot of lighting bolts
  • Raider speed increased, Raider DPS increased
  • TBA Raven fighter is now an ability that is called down from the HQ with a medium radius, with a medium cool down.

Replaced Models / Updated Models:

  • Dark Eldar Kabal Fortress (HQ)
  • Dark Eldar Dark Foundry
  • Dark Eldar webway (New)
  • Dark Eldar Soul cage
  • Hall of Blood (Barracks)
  • Plasma Generator
  • Slave Chamber
  • Haemonculus' Laboratory
  • Wych-Cult Arena
  • Thermo Plasma Generator

Bug Fixes:

  • Archon vampire ability fixed


New Line Units:

  • Fire Warriors Breacher Team - tier 2.5 unit 4 infantry pop cap only one squad can be built
  • Abilities: Photon grenades that damage in a medium radius, medium cool down. Tactical Formation Increased melee & range attack speed & movement

  • MV71 Sniper Drones & Firesight Marksman - tier 1 unit 2 infantry pop cap only two squads can be built
  • Abilities: Scanner a small radius that reveals the fog of war - tier 2 ability must be researched at path to enlightenment. Auto detects stealth units


  • Stealth Suit build time increased
  • Stealth Suit jump packs no longer need to be researched
  • Builder walking speed increased
  • Vespid build time increased
  • Kroot Leap now causes knock back
  • Commander HP increased
  • Firewarrior Range DPS decreased, HP increased
  • Firewarrior build time increased
  • Kroot build time decreased
  • XV88 battlesuit now cost 1 infantry pop
  • Barracuda Gunship now cost 4 vehicle cap, only 1 can be built, the size of the model has been increased, has a barrage ability that has a medium radius

Sisters of battle:

New Line Unit:

  • Crusaders - tier 2 unit only 3x can be built at once 2 infantry pop cap

New Weapons:

  • Chainsword wargear for Missionary - requires armory

Race Change:

  • Builder destruction ability damage decreased
  • Missionary Melee DPS increased
  • Sisters Squad DPS increased
  • Celestian HP decreased, Melta DPS decreased
  • Inferno Turret DPS increased
  • Mine DPS increased
  • TBA Lightning fighter now is a ability called lightening run which effects a medium radius, lightning fighters do a fighter run. this can be used from canoness. This has a medium cool down
  • Sisters of battle transport vehicle DPS increased, popcap increased

Edited by: Necron|ord

ardangn64 ReD kOaLa Pro 3D Artist & Possible Game Developer
Nov 20 2018 Anchor

I love this game...

and the Tau Empire is my fave civilization

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