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May 26 2020 Anchor

{Programmer Qualifications} Positions: 1

  1. Needs to be very active.

  2. Willing to work nicely with others.

  3. Able to be flexible with development schedule and can make quick fixes.

  4. Knowledgeable enough to create complex code if needs be.

  5. Must be adaptive and able to change your program to fit the project if things change.

{3D Modeler Qualifications} Positions: 1

  1. Able to handle criticism.

  2. Friendly with coworkers.

  3. Willing to follow direction and instructions.

  4. Decent quality models.

  5. A back bone. (I want you to be friendly but I also want you to know when to say "no this is how I want it done." as the artist you hold all of the creativity in your hands and bring my vision to life using your own skills. In the end you know what you want.)

For our first game I have a story driven horror game in mind. I would like to keep much of the game a secret for now but the general gist of the plot is you are a paranormal investigator who specializes in putting dead souls to rest and you were sent to a supposedly haunted old american family home to bring peace to the family.

I personally will be working as the writer, Sound designer (Sort of) and producer so I will try to guide the project as best I can to a complete and successful end product that will be worth purchasing. Creative ideas are encouraged on this team so if you think something should be done a different way or you think something should be changed entirely let me know and we will discuss it. If this is something you are interested in working on please leave your discord ID or email in the comment section I will get back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Jun 5 2020 Anchor

Hi! are you still looking for people for programming? It sounds very interesting!

Jul 7 2020 Anchor

Hey are you still looking for a 3D modeler because I'm interested.

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