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Aug 18 2020 Anchor

My name is Mike and I’m creator and worker of one-man team called Spikeprojects. I love to create graphics, animations and games.

I would like to announce my new project called Singular Matter. This is a short visual novel about the fate of three scientists experiencing very disturbing phenomena after an accident in the Alternative Energy Research Institute. You play as one of them. As the story unravels you dive into the dark recesses of the human psyche, post-apocalyptic world, and the horrible truth about the universe.

Singular Matter is a science-fiction visual novel made with Tyranobuilder engine: Tyranobuilder.com

Throughout the game, you can see the surroundings through the protagonist's eyes, who suffers from derealization, which causes the objects you see to be flattened, without depth (this also affected the visual style of the game).

In 1920 Albert Einstein discovered the General Theory of Relativity, which was to be the first step to the theory of everything. After some time of admiration for the simplicity, elegance and beauty of this theory, clouds began to gather. A little later quantum physics was discovered, which absolutely did not match the general theory of relativity.

Around 2040 In Alternative Energy Research Institute was discovered another state of mater called Singular Exotic Matter. This kind of matter was in the stage of testing. From a theoretical point of view, it was a matter that could connect traditional (baryonic) matter to the quantum realm and then create the theory of everything.
Our protagonist along with his friends went to retrieve Singular Matter from the accelerator - it was a simple and routine procedure. Unfortunately, this time several key factors failed at the same time causing disaster.

Here are some screenshots:


Hello Everyone,

The game is ready.

You can download the game from:




Best regards,


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