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Need Critique on my Game Idea - Demon Hunter in Alt Nazi Germany (Forums : Ideas & Concepts : Need Critique on my Game Idea - Demon Hunter in Alt Nazi Germany) Post Reply
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Sep 28 2018 Anchor

I would like to share with you my game idea which is still at the very start. I would like to get some critique from you guys so that I could know what could work and what seems bad.
I still havent defined the genre so feel free to imagine this as an FPS, third person action, top down RPG etc.

Also sorry for bad english.

You are a Demon Hunter in Alternative Post-WWII in Nazi Germany without Hitler and them also being pretty nice now. Hitler was possesed by an evil spirit and that's why he's dead and now it is up to you to stop them from causing WWIII. The US, SSSR and Nazi are on the edge of the conflict again, because of Demons and Nuclear Weapons. The Demons want to cause the Apocalypse.

He's a legit hunter, who works undercover. He's part of a secret governmental organization that overthrew Hitler. They are trying to make Germany great again.

In other countries there are demons who rule too. But in US there is just a vigilant group of people who fight them and in SSSR the government made a so called peaceful act with them. [STUFF TO CHANGE]

The presence of demons is unknown to the majority of the world.

It is the year 1950.

Weapons are historical but with sci-fi spin. You can also use melee weapons and some experimental weapons and Anti-Demon relics.

ardangn64 ReD kOaLa Pro 3D Artist & Possible Game Developer
Oct 10 2018 Anchor

so its a zombie shooter with demons instead?! I guess its a refreshing change... maybe based on game art and mechanics people might go for it... too early to say...

Oct 20 2018 Anchor

Hmm... I feel that there's potential but somehow your game's story-telling and arsenal of weapons to choose from will be quite important to keep the gamers intrigue.

Besides the main character, the side casts will play a huge part to keep the game interesting. So, better think of a few more characters who will assist the protagonist along the way.

Maybe you can have a demi-demon. Part demon part human, as a result, the part human side of her, makes it such that she doesn't wish for war. An also because of her heritage she's kind of like an outcast in her the demon association who's trying to create the apocalypse. With all these factors, it makes sense for her to help the protagonist...

Just some quick idea off my mind. Hope it helps.

Btw, do help me out as well. I'm trying to create a text-based decision making game and I have 4 game ideas, which one sounds best?

Here's the link: Indiedb.com

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Dec 3 2018 Anchor

It's so cool ! It's better to follow you on moddb or indies DB ?

Don't worry for your english, i'm french lol

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Dec 3 2018 Anchor

Very nice!

EduardoLopezComposer Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer
Dec 3 2018 Anchor

I really like your idea! I can imagine this as a FPS or more like a top down RPG, Diablo III style?!

Comes to mind that maybe Hitler was possessed on purpose by a Demon, disguised as one of his advisors, who implanted his madness in search of the Atlantis or the Holy Grail (real facts!) to search for a artifact to release the demon legions on the world? hahah just crazy ideas that come to mind!

You would also need amazing music and a great sound designer if this project crystalizes! I wonder where you could get one... (www.eduardolopezmusic.com) cough! cough!


Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer


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