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May 17 2021 Anchor

i have played it before but it seems like i have to reset it every time or patch it. here is the information from the game settings i have .


in the user name i have " attitudeadjuster"
and in password i have my correct password in .
game mode : bf2142

on the "?"
the redirects has open spy and above that the patch 1.51 and bf2142.exe and renddx9.dll and renddx9_ori.dll, are all green check marked . but when i hit the lets play above the open spy name in blue the screen comes on my pc all black and just stays it never starts the game and i can't do nothing on my pc even when hitting control alt delte and task manager even it won't come up so i have to shutmy pc down and restart it .

in the left down arrow sign to the right it shows in the lsit i have "bf2142 patch v.1.51 full and bf2142 mappack v1.0 and project remaster mod v1.3 and first strike mod v1.62

when i did reset hub and fix it then i hit install on open spy settings , it seems to work ok offline and will start up okay but in doing so i always lose all my personal control settings on the game and have to redo them each time. what am i doing wrong ? do i have to keep patching it or something everytime i want to play offline ??

this is what my advanced diognostics showed:

BF2142Hub Diagnostics Tool
© 2020 Lillyishot™. All rights reserved.

[Hub Info]
Hub Version : 2
Hub Installation Location : C:\Program Files (x86)\BF2142 Hub
BFGamePath : C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition
BFVersion : 1.51
BFGameArguments :
Fullscreen : True
Widescreen : True
CustomRes : False
Acceptable Monitor Resolutions (x,y,hz):
Original Maps : 20
Available Maps : 72
Installed Maps : 92

[File Check]
BF2142.exe [rm_bf2142_lma]: Offical RM BF2142.exe 1.51 file with LAA
RendDX9.dll [os_rendDX9]: Offical OpenSpy RendDX9.dll file
RendDX9_ori.dll [ea_rendDX9_v1.51]: Offical EA RendDX9.dll file
BF Version from Mod.desc [1.51] : Passed

[Server Check]

[Registry Info]
Application Name : Does not exist
Build Number :
Install directory : C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition
Install Type : Does not exist
Language : English
Locale : en
Version : 1.51
Compatibility : Does Not exist
RemasterVersion : Does not exist
RemasterInstallPath : Does not exist

it looks like stuff isn't installed but i did install it before.

sorry this all is so large but wanted to post all my settings etc. so people know what i have it set at .
any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated . thanks .

also forgot to mention that when trying to start the game it also opens a area on my pc saying something about needing a new app to open this ts3server and shows a microsoft app and always use this app then goes off very quickly .

May 18 2021 Anchor

-Most important thing, when installing the main game, install it with administrator privileges so that can be registered properly(game to know where is profile located).
Secondly, looks like a personal profile corruption, this is for older version(mod), not deluxe.
Generic profile tutorial:


..for that server and black window, activate screen recorder, and after recording, slow movie by frame and see what is that needed application. Maybe older(or new) version of dotnetfx or vcredis.

May 23 2021 Anchor

Bazlik_Commander Thanks for sharing the useful info

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