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Mar 2 2020 Anchor

Today we work with our game's story, is gonna be set in a Mars of an Alternate Universe in the year 2042, for that reason we named our game “Martiano 2042”.
We collected many references, and we really like synthwave style, we also get some inspiration from anime and movies like: Blade Runner, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in The Shell.

Our friend Daniela helped us with some concept art for some of the characters in our narrative that will also work in some the cutscenes.

Here is our story, hope you appreciate: Smiley

The SOLARIS galaxy is a place easily chosen by tourists whether they are earthlings or not, but it is also a great route for criminals. For inside this galaxy there is a planet well known and forgotten by everyone called MARS or DISTRICT 12, where after years of exploration it has become a favorable place to shelter great criminals due to its characteristics. Inside this deserted place there is a name that is always said in stories from SOLARIS ... JAX a MARTIANO RANGER works solo. He is one of the most fearless MARTIANO of all, until today no criminal has escaped his guard at the border.

And in one of his stories there is one of the most terrible of all.

During a JAX Patrol he received a request for support from other RANGERS, saying that there was a Z-Caravella in forbidden bend and that it was going towards its destroyer, suddenly the ship appears a few kilometers away in the sky. Upon seeing the JAX spacecraft, he immediately saw that it would not be easy. The Z-Caravella that was invading district 12 was THE OCTAVIUS, the oldest and most hostile pirates of all time, where 8 of the captains of 8 different captaincies abandoned their crews to create the greatest tyranny PIRATE OF THE GALAXIES, created especially to find the most legendary treasure: THE TREASURE OF HORUS, some say that it is a tool of the gods that has the power to travel in space in a fold like never before.

But, it was not the first time that JAX saw the OCTAVIUS, since the first time that their destinies crossed was when Jax was still young and his village was destroyed in a failed attempt by the OCTAVIUS to use the HORUS treasure. JAX was the only survivor due to one of the HORUS treasure fragments being stuck in his chest during the collision. Since then Jax has never forgiven and devoted his life to eliminating criminals like these on behalf of his family as a MARTIANO RANGER.

Martiano2042 Story

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