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Looking for someone to set texture coordinates and later create textures for cyberpunk game (Forums : Recruiting & Resumes : Looking for someone to set texture coordinates and later create textures for cyberpunk game) Locked
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Jun 21 2011 Anchor

The Untitled Project

The Untitled Project (which might maybe possibly be a temporary title) is (or will be) an open world first/third person cyberpunk action RPG for PC, Wii and PS3 (I was initially making it for PS3 except I'm currently focusing more on Wii and PC but in any case the PS3 and Wii versions are obviously only for soft modded systems that can run homebrew).

The city that the game is set in is randomly/procedurally generated and built with 45 reusable low poly models on a 3D grid. But those 45 models don't yet have properly set texture coordinates and they need to be made to share a single 1024x1024 texture.

So this is where you (hopefully) come in. Setting up texture coordinates is both something that I am fairly inept and also something that i find incredibly tedious. So I would appreciate it if someone more skilled then I would be interested in assisting me with this.

Many of the models are simple variations on one another and really the majority of polygons should be sharing texture coordinates with others rather then being assigned their own unique space on the texture. The texture can be made bigger then I mentioned previously but at least for the Wii version it will need to be scaled down to 1024x1024. You can make changes to the models aside from just the texture coordinates as long as the polygon count remains the same or lower.

You can download the current build of the Windows version here. All of the models are stored in the Media\worldtiles\ folder in OBJ format. There is also a text file in the folder with information on what each model is used for and I can obviously elaborate on that if you are unsure about anything. The game currently disregards the texture coordinates loaded from them but I can easily correct that if you would like to be able to see any changes you make in game. The texture it uses for them is Media\worldtexture.png.

Jul 18 2011 Anchor

Well, seems like a very interesting proposal. I have never made texture coordinates, or even made a single shared texture. But i do have experience making textures and can help you out with this if you would like. I'd hate to see this game go to waste. Though a high poly version would be very nice and separate individual textures would also be a plus. But i could make some textures for you, and help out in anything else if possible, i have 3d modeling experience and have a capable computer system to do it.

Well let me know if i can help.


EDIT: i just played the game, amazing. I really enjoyed it, it was great fun...and if you can finish this, my god!

It has playability even without the textures, music, etc. Great puzzle game and RPG possibilites. I would love if 2 separate versions could be made, one for wii one for pc. Pc version obviously high poly HD textures, but if you can add more human like movements and maybe third person, you have yourself one hell of a game.

EDIT: #2

Made a texture, but wow it looked bad when i replaced the original texture file. It needs to be mapped better. Point being you will need more than one universal texture. Unless you want to make everything look like a tron grid which is possible. But, that is not advisable. Would be great to see more than one texture at work. But anyways....just ideas. Keep it up, im liking the game.

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