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Jun 9 2017 Anchor

Hello, i'm making a free rpg fantasy game with own rules set and crafting system. It is playable on browsers with no installation needed. It use webgl and 3d graphic. Would like some suggestion for development and reports bugs. If someone is willing to collaborate is welcome the progamming language is Javascript, the 3d models must be in fbx, the music or sounds in wav or mp3. Enjoy Playcanv.as

Wizard now sell the Rune of recall that can bring the player back to village

New shops layout, minor problems fixed in dungeon, new music.

Updated ranged combat. Added first quest from rumors (you have to solve at last 1 quest to get this new one)

Changed quests system, now you get quests from all shops and also from rumors. Actually 4 quests availables.

Added night/day cicle and enabled level 2 of dungeon. Waiting for critics and comments

Released version 0.0.35(alpha),now the game start from Leas town, leaving the town you can travel the region map but for now the only other town you can visit is Foren sud of Leas.

released version 0.0.36 you can get a new quest from thieves guild and the entrance to sewers will became visible, an npc ally will follow you (still not possible to end the quest) just for test purposes for new features

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