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Jan 14 2021 Anchor

i was thinking can anyone make some unique minions for doom 2.The marines in project brutality only attacks and do nothing.

Recently i played Brothers in Arms,A doom mode.in this mode there are different types of companions.Many of these minions are army variants but some are interesting like a nude witch who teleport and fire magic,three kids who drops some cool items like magic dagger,stealth suit. you can't give command to those companions.you get summon radio(used for summoning) just by picking normal pickups and you get lots of them.And those companions can clear the whole room easily and does not take any damage or die.So its overpowered and become boring.

I have some idea about some minions.
supportive minion(small imp like creature,not doom imp variant): They don't attack,instead just give unique items like radiation grenade,RPG shot,small health bottle,stealth suit etc.

Witch/sorcerer minion: give buffs to player or debuffs to enemy's,teleport and attack.

Demon minion(fly):Leech enemy health and give it to player.(like leech grenade of project brutality.

All three minions can be summoned from inventory with radio or some magic orb for a limited amount of time.You get this radio/orb with large health pickups,So its not rare like supersphere or frequent like ammo drops.

Or you get these minions by rescuing them in different levels and then they can be summoned from their respective orb/radio.In this case when they are summoned they fight alongside player for limited time and then leave.After that their orb/radio needs to cooldown for a set amount of time.After the cooldown they can be summoned again.These minions should not be overpowered.

i didn't find any doom modes with interesting or functional companions.All modes seems to focus on enemy,gore or weapons.maybe some one can make a mode of this,just some suggestion.🥺🤓

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