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Dec 5 2020 Anchor

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I got alot of feedback last week, and focused on fixing the short comings that were brought up. I made icons to differentiate between costs and upgrades. New indicators for gold gain and when you are warping. Made slight color changes while staying on theme. Added a basic help screen to explain the basics of the game.Please try out Idle Space Ship and let me know what you think.

So working on the next update, mainly more interface update before I add in the first combat features. I'm reworking the prestige upgrades to use an unlock system. Which got me thinking about setting up the UI to slowly reveal itself to help ease new players into the basics of the game.

Would that be the more preferred way of teaching the player how to play. example : the game would start with prestige panel hidden, and the upper ui hidden. each one would reveal itself along with a small popup panel that explains its features. They would just be spread out. say the upper UI would reveal itself after you reached planet 5, and prestige after you reach planet 20, etc?

Last question thought, I redesigned the combat portion to be more of a defense mini game. You''ll have various guns and missile defenses, 3-5 tops, you can upgrade. The idea will be stopping a wave of enemy ships from reaching your home world. Also what about this portion being permanent like prestige upgrades. Always grinding the next highest wave.

winning a wave will reward collectable ship parts that will further boost your ship, these will be permanent collectables. Lot's of new art, this update will take a little longer.

Thank you, Links time

Idle Space Ship beta 07 on Google play Play.google.com

More ramblings on my project blog Gamedev.net

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