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Help Modding Un-encrypted Unreal 4.18 abandon-ware VR app (Forums : VR / AR Gaming : Help Modding Un-encrypted Unreal 4.18 abandon-ware VR app ) Post Reply
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Nov 4 2018 Anchor

Hello, I am trying to mod a (free / abandonware) VR app, to make a couple changes, and work on WMRks no Rift and Vive but now Samsung Odyssey. If I could Mod it i could tet and fix it. WHen I try to mod I always get:

'c:/users/Woody/AppData/Local/Stage9/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor' must exist and contain a DefaultEngine.ini'
nd even though I triple check there is a Folder called WindowsNoEditor and an Ini called: DefaultEngine.ini, I am never able to make even the slightest change!

Help would be so very most welcome!I guess, put simply: is it possible to:

1) Unpak a Unreal app made in 4.18 w/ Uncrypted Pak

2) Change a Texture, , scale a mesh, etc (cook and replace ussat)

3) Without re-Pak'ing, Run the game?? OR if re-paking is required,.. How?

All of the methods I have tried to do this 'simple' mod, have proven non-effective. Please know, I don't ask for help until I am absolutely stumped having looked at hundreds, thousands of pages, tutorials etc. Having exhausted the internet basically :~) Asking for help is far from my is my first instinct.

Please help..


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