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Glyph in Open Alpha - Any experienced level designers up for some testing? ;D (Forums : Level Design : Glyph in Open Alpha - Any experienced level designers up for some testing? ;D) Post Reply
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Oct 29 2020 Anchor

Hi everyone.

So, our game Glyph is currently in Open-Alpha and we have a free demo available here on IndieDB.

I saw this place and figured ... Receiving some feedback from experienced level designers, like you guys, would be immensely helpful.
And, as you might have guessed by now, that is why I am writing this thread. 💪

Some more details in case you are interested:

Glyph is a colourful and atmospheric open-world 3d platforming game currently in Open-Alpha. In the game, you have to jump, bounce, glide and tumble your way through a series of levels in order to restore the ancient temple city.

We hope to release the game on the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. 🤞

Our Glyph demo here on IndieDB contains approximately 14 levels (of 78 in the full game). S
ome of these are still a little bit rough around the edges.
But, it should be plenty for you to deliver feedback on. :)

You will find the feedback form inside the actual game. (Pretty sneaky, eh?)

IndieDB Glyph

If you are reading this part, then you are a champion. ;D

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Oct 29 2020 Anchor

I got to the smash level than gave up..
I'm not exp lvl designer but here we go:

1. ball is a bit too hard to control
2. every tutorial bug should be a checkpoint!!!
3. bug talk interrupts me in mid-air then obviously I fall dead lol.. u should place some steady ground for tutorials
4. the smash level.. I only got to the speeder, after that it's too hard to land!!
While flying high speed it's hard to tell were is down.
If I set camera to look down then can't see ahead.. u should draw a line under ball when flying or sumthing, the circle is not enough.

Nice game btw, very catchy! But with these issues becomes annyoing like fast. Oh 1 more thing, u should vary music a bit!

Oct 30 2020 Anchor

Hi Perok!

Thank you so much for the feedback.
Already added it to the trello board.

Let us see if we can´t improve the experience a bit. :D

Thank you so much for playing. It super appreciated.

Oct 30 2020 Anchor

I tried this too but it's not quite my style. It's supposed to be a jump'n'run but it's not. The scarab (the ball) never lands on a tile so you have to stop most of the time to prepare for the next jump. Is this intended or am I playing bad? Anyways this breaks the fun for me but it's not a bad game at all, it's something I would really buy, very good work on this one! As Perok said, you should add some checkpoints to reduce frustration. The mouse controlled camera is a tad too slow for me and there's no menu to adjust it. But since this is just Alpha I guess most issues will probably be fixed in the final version. Looking forward to see your final release!

Oct 30 2020 Anchor

Hi Balex22 :D

Super happy you wanted to try out Glyph.

As for the slow and steady approach you appear to have played by, I can totally relate. I am the same way when playing.
I have, however, seen more experienced players pull off some impressive maneuvers and speedy times.

I will be sure to share your feedback with the team. Thank you so so much for your feedback.
And yes, we will implement some options soon. ;D

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