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Jun 14 2013 Anchor

Hey just wondering if there is an option for Genetica 4.0 Indie Pricing, specifically the Pro version because of the support for normal map generation is pretty much required. Maybe we can rally enough people to convince them to give us a fair price for indie developers!!!

$400 bucks is way too much.

Well I don't think it has anything todo with PR or being disrespectful. Neither are we forcing anyone todo anything. This is just giving them the visibility of having a product offer for Genetica Pro at a discounted price for independent developers that make less than $xxx per year.

I would love to buy there product but not able to afford it. If they see the visibility of multiple developers on this thread in the same situation they have potential buyers and a lot of sales to gain at a discounted price.

Doing it privately is not neccesary, and really defeats the whole purpose.

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