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Jan 1 2020 Anchor

I recently decided to try the Empire at War Remake mod. I bought the game on GoG and downloaded the mod from here, but I'm having some trouble getting it to run.

The main issue is that the folder structure of how the game installed on my computer is slightly different than what is described in the mod's installation instructions.

The first difference is that the instructions say to place the "EAW-Remake" folder in the "mods" folder, which the instructions say should be a subfolder in the "EAWX" folder. However, my "mods" folder is under "GameData", not "EAWX". I put it there, but, as explained later, this doesn't seem to be working.

The instructions then say to place the .bat file in the "Forces of Corruption" folder, which the instructions say should be with "swfoc.exe". I can't seem to find the "Forces of Corruption" folder, my "swfoc.exe" is in the "EAWX" folder, and the only folders in there with it are "Data" and "MSS32"

The instructions also say to "Apply the 4 gb patch to the games executable (swfoc.exe), this prevents the game from crashing by running out of memory", but the instructions don't explain where to get the patch or how to apply it to the executable.

The instructions say to run the game by double-clicking the .bat file. I tried putting the .bat file in the "EAWX" folder with swfoc.exe and running the game that way. It opened the game, but it was just running the default game without the mod.

Anyone run into similar issues? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 4 2020 Anchor

Empire at War and Forces of Corruption are independent of each other.
Forces of Corruption is standalone game and continuation of Empire at War. Has own campaign, where you play as brutal criminal Pirate leader.
So if mod is for Forces of Corruption, then you have to first install it.
But Forces of Corruption is very interesting to play without any mod, ..try it and see yourself.

This "standalone" is actually under question, so be sure to have original Empire at War installed first.

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