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Aug 9 2020 Anchor

So I've been working on some modding and wanted to ask if there is a way to make text scroll across this


my only problem is that its an object that will be in players view in game.
It's a textbox the companion brings up to say something when player does something cool, or dies, presses a button, etc. this textbox needs to have text scroll on it as I have made 300 lines for the companion to say. Doing 300 seperate textboxes, renaming each, and sorting through them in code would be tedious, so I want a message to show up on it that will go in the parameters of the box. Of course the box goes away a short while after the message is shown. The textbox also needs an option and binded button to be pulled up for a dad joke for the companion to make, and a button to pull it away if it is getting in the way of combat. If anyone can give me some ideas on how to achieve this i'd love that.

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