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Jun 5 2018 Anchor

Hey Game Community! I want to introduce our new Game-Project "Cubemon" <3
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Cubemon Game Cover

When you were a child, your grandfather read to you from his adventure diary about his
discoveries of mystical creatures in the middle of the ocean on an even more mystical island.
Years after grandfather’s dead, you discover his old diary in a dusty box in the attic.
You flip excitedly and discover a map drawn by your grandfather with directions to Sun Island.
You decide to pack your things. The adventure begins here...

... Explore the huge Sun Island with its diverse areas, weather, ups and downs and the secrets
of the "Cubemons" native there. You will soon have your own companion at your side. Feed him, love
him, train him, solve tasks and puzzles and help the local Cubemons with their problems.

The Sun Island is the home of the little Cubemons. They live in the most diverse areas of the
island and can be found at almost every place in the wilderness. They are able to change and evolve
through various influencing factors.

Your own Cubemon can turn into another Cubemon by different food,
potions and training either by chance or calculated.

The Sun Island consists of different biomes and the matching cubemons with 9 different elements:
Ground, Electric, Light, Fire, Poison, Wind, Water, Ice, Grass.

Influence yourself which element your Cubemon will
accept and which related skills it will learn.

As your level increases, your Cubemon can learn new skills. Some of these skills are neutral
and others are skills of a particular element. Your Cubemon is capable of learning all skills.

You will find out for yourself how useful this is
and which of them are suitable for your Cubemon.

Far away from round-based battles, real-time battles get down to business. Without delay,
you and your opponent can launch the first attack. Each of your learned skills has a cooldown
to be cast again. In addition, most attacks cost mana. As your level and skills increase,
the strategic rotation of your attacks decides whether you win or lose.

After a battle is won, your Cubemon gains experience points and can rise in level. In addition,
there is a chance that the defeated opponent will drop an essence typical of his element, which
is later necessary to brew potions in order to influence the evolution of your Cubemon.

As already mentioned, your Cubemon is capable of evolving or transforming into another Cubemon.
This process depends on various factors such as the food you feed your Cubemon, the number of
battles won or lost, the amount of elemental potions you administer, the paths you have walked
through certain areas, the skills you have learned, and much more.

If an evolution occurs, you can cancel it or let it happen. Evolve your
Cubemon specifically into a specific Cubemon requires a lot of stamina and tact.

In addition to learning skills that are useful in combat, your Cubemon can also learn passive
skills that are used outside. For example, your Cubemon can extract wood, stones, ores and herbs.

Throughout the game, you can specialize your Cubemon in finding and mining
certain resources to make useful things later or to use them for certain quests.

Cubemons are hungry! You should therefore always carry food to feed your Cubemon. But note that
permanently unhealthy food can slow down the development of your Cubemon or turn it into an unwanted
Cubemon. So make sure that there are not always only cakes and pizzas, but also fruits and vegetables.

When your Cubemon is nearly starved, it will hardly perform in battle and resource
depletion. On top of that, his life is constantly dwindling and sooner or later leads
to the unconsciousness of your little companion.

The local Cubemons will keep asking you for one or more favors. Help them expand their camp,
persuade other Cubemons to join them and benefit from an ever-growing Cubemon camp.

Besides recruiting cubemons and expanding their camps, there are other tasks that will take
you to unknown corners of the Sun Island. Search for treasures, defeat wild cubemons and dive
into dungeons to defeat big and small bosses.

Sun Island is already mysterious enough, but there are even more secret
places and corners that reveal surprises and treasures.

In addition to hidden crystal caves or ancient columns of the Cubemon natives, there are also gold
treasures and secret scrolls with new recipes and skills that you can teach yourself and your Cubemon.

ESSPEE Games is based in Germany and has been making small games for PC and Android
for over 5 years and already provides the best conditions to finalize a great game.

Our small but talented team consists of everything you need for a beautiful game.
We are scattered around the globe and come from Germany, Thaiwan and Egypt. Crazy isn’t it?
It took a while to find the best to achieve the best.

social kickstarter

Edited by: Cubemon


Support our New Open World Adventure Game "Cubemon"! <3
>> Goo.gl <<

Little Cubemons from the Open World Adventure Game

EduardoLopezComposer Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer
Dec 3 2018 Anchor

Hey this looks really great! I love the artstyle!

Followed you on facebook, hope all the best in the release and reception! :)


Eduardo López | Composer & Sound Designer


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