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Mar 7 2021 Anchor

Hey there folks! I'm the solo game developer of Brookhaven. You can wishlist my game on Steam and follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Brookhaven is a RPG, adventure, and dating sim that's inspired by Harvest Moon, DnD, and The Magicians series.

A Wizard has trapped you in a storybook, transporting you to the magical town of Brookhaven. With spells, swords, and the power of friendship, begin your new life in this strange land. But remember, escape may yet be possible for those who unravel this world’s mysteries...


  • Learn how to perform magic! Magic is the backbone of this world and everything revolves around it.​
  • Figure out the mysteries hidden within the storybook by completing quests. Perhaps you’ll solve the mystery of how to return to your world of origin or you may decide to stay. The choice is yours.​
  • Customize your player appearance, home, and property. Start with a simple home overrun with trees, rocks, and weeds and make it your own.​
  • Over 80 mythical creatures roam throughout the land, including: witches, werewolves, dyads, centaurs, mermaids, vampires, yetis, slimes, mummies, zombies, ghosts, demons, goblins, talking animals and vegetables, and so much more.​
  • Improve your skills over time. You can level up your skills by fighting, performing magic, farming, foraging, catching bugs, fishing, and mining. Each level unlocks different crafting recipes and improves your success rate in that skill along the way.
  • Embrace the mystical pagan traditions of the locals, and become part of their community.​
  • Grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, nuts, and fruit trees. These items can be used in cooking recipes, alchemy recipes, quest lines, or as gifts to villagers. Each villager has their own unique likes and dislikes for items they receive.
  • Forage the land for mushrooms, flowers, and herbs that change with the seasons.​
  • Bug Catching. Collect rare and exotic specimens that you can collect in the museum, use in potions, give as gifts, or sell for profit.​
  • Fish in the ocean, rivers, and lake. As with everything else, the fish are seasonal with the added catch of also being location dependent. You can improve your fishing rod by using different baits and gadgets.​
  • Extensive alchemy, blacksmithing, cooking, and tailoring systems.​
  • Explore the vast mysterious Dungeon that contains some of the most dangerous creatures, puzzles, and quest lines.
  • Raise animals for their resources, including: egg collecting, feather collecting, milking, shearing, and animal sacrifice.​
  • Romance and marry a partner to share your home and life with. Have children who will grow from infanthood, attend classes as children, and make their own life in town.​

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Mar 29 2021 Anchor

Brookhaven sounds like something out of Silent Hill.

12hours ago Anchor

At 0:50, there's a text label not in its container. Like the word "flour" is bleeding out of its box.

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