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Mar 8 2018 Anchor

Hello gaming masters!

I present to you my first game for Android phones - Golden Sand.

I notice that many young people and children play mobile games that do not want a lot of thinking, just shoot the enemy and that's it. It is important to have polished and shiny objects and special effects.
On the contrary, I created a game in which the beauty of the graphic elements is not in the foreground. I've made some moments in the game to think about before you go about doing anything.
Although the card is one, the enemies and the gold to be collected appear in a random way that requires the player before he starts, build a strategy and determine the best way to go.
Enemies have no AI, and they move in a random way, which makes them even more dangerous :)

The game is lightweight and unpretentious, but I think the gameplay is interesting and the levels are not easy.
The player is controlled by arrows. At first glance, this seems difficult, but the trick is not to press the screen, and you just have to slide your finger down the arrows.
If you run out of life, then when you choose "LAST GAME" you get 2 lives and a chance to move forward from the level you have reached.

You can try the game from here:
Google Play

A few words about the management and movements of the man.
Do not press the screen or click on the arrows! Just slide your big fingers over the arrows.
So after a few minutes of training you will be going through the levels very quickly.
Besides, when you select "Last Game" and if you do not have lives, you are given 2 lives to continue from the level you have reached.

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Mar 13 2018 Anchor

Very interesting (and cool!) visual aesthetic!

Mar 13 2018 Anchor

Thank you, katastrophic88!

I made a video of the game from 0 to 10 level.


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