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OllyOllyBennett #siegefox
Nov 10 2017 Anchor

Hi all. We're doing a stream next week, hosted by Unreal, going over the steps to get started using Paper2D in Unreal Engine 4.

This will cover, amongst other things:

- Using light sources in Paper2D
- Best practice for importing 2D assets
- Creation of Tilesets, Tilemaps, and Flipbooks
- Building on these fundamentals to create your own beautiful 2D game

Tuesday November 14th at 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT)

You can watch it live on our Twitch channel or afterwards on our YouTube channel. More information on the Unreal blog here.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer in the stream, feel free to PM me, or post them here.

Edited by: OllyOllyBennett

Nov 18 2017 Anchor

2D in Unreal, Its something weird and new :)

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