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Check out the modding solution for this dark fantasy wild west RPG!

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Weird West, a dark fantasy RPG aiming putting a unique take on the usual wild western setting, will soon feature modding support powered by mod.io. Read on to learn more about Weird West and how mod.io will support a new set of community creators!

Weird West is another creative title from publisher Devolver Digital, developed by WolfEye games (for whom this is their debut title). The studio is headed by a pair of ex-Arkane development leaders, and this rubs off on Weird West which shoots for an immersive RPG with an emphasis on player expression and - as is customary for Arkane titles as well - style.

Image 17
Weird West takes the usual western locale and turns it on its head

Weird West lives up to its name with a classical cowboy gunslingers setting, crossed with a dark fantasy spin. Sheriffs and outlaws alike must learn to respect the creatures of the night and take care never to turn their back in unfamiliar territory. The story places a heavy basis on player choice, reportedly changing the world as you play and presenting new paths to take that may lead to a very different outcome for the story. It's self-described as an immersive sim, too, with a world that moves beyond your gaze and characters that have their own choices to make.

Image 13
With a top-down perspective, the game ensures players are
always thinking tactically before an engagement

Immersive sims rely on the many interacting systems and mechanics to flesh out their world, producing a landscape of characters that seem realistic even in fantastical circumstances. Player choice is paramount in shaping this world, and indeed, one of the best ways players can shape the worlds of countless games is through modding. Thanks to integration with mod.io, Weird West will soon allow players this extra degree of freedom too.

Image 16
Weird West plays like a classic RPG whilst mixing
in immersive sim elements for an alive - and deadly - world

Testing is still underway and as of yet no date has been given for the modding support, but the example mods worked on so far include cosmetic mods, changes to core mechanics, and even modifications to existing characters to change their place in the narrative. Even within those bounds the room for player expression is great, but as time goes on, more capabilities might be put into the hands of creators.

Image 10

The world is freely explorable, though as this is an RPG,
players should be careful about jumping too far ahead!

Sitting at Mostly Positive on Steam, Weird West had a little bit of a shaky start but in recent times has received a Very Positive rating after updates solidified the game's position as a standout and unique title. Mod support can only grow this successful rebalancing act and push Weird West to the next level. If digging into this dark fantasy sounds appealing, the game is currently available for £30.99 GBP/$39.99 USD, with a free demo available to try before you get started.

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