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The full list of games included in the Hello Fangaming Time Capsule + Launcher, and some answers to problems you may encounter while playing them.

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Game List

  • Hello Fangaming Collection
  • Super Mario Dynamo
  • Super Mario Eclipse
  • Yoshi Tanks
  • Super Mario Bros: Ztar Turmoil
  • Super Mario Bros: Mythical Mushrooms
  • Super Mario Bros: Restless Reality
  • Hello Winter Mario Games 2009
  • Escape the Ghost House
  • Super Mario Bros: Seeking Sunshine
  • Super Mario Bros: Bloody Battles
  • Super Mario Bros: Shine Expedition
  • Present Panic
  • Super Luigi and the Golden Shrooms
  • Bowser's Recruitment
  • Super Mario Bros: Fierce Days
  • A Koopa's Adventure
  • Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser
  • Super Mario Subpop
  • Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash
  • Super Mario Bros: Crimson Hours
  • Super Mario Bros: Shine Pursuit
  • Mario the Mathematician
  • Super Mario Bros: Kingdom Troubles
  • Save the Goombas
  • Mario's Run
  • Super Mario Bros: Koopa Chaos
  • Yoshi Click and Go
  • Super Mario Bros: Mushroom Journey
  • Super Mario Bros: Dark Days
  • Super Mario Bros: Bowser's Terror
  • Super Luigi Paradise
  • Super Mario Bros: Kill Bowser
  • Super Mario Bros: Coin Quest
  • Super Mario Bros: Journey to Peach
  • Super Mario Bros: Adventure Journey
  • Super Mario Greetings
  • Super Mario Bros: Hello
  • Mario's Journey
  • Mario's Egg

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you update *old GameMaker game* to fix bugs or add new features?

    No! All games made in GameMaker will no longer be updated, and GameMaker will no longer be used in future games.

  • I am playing one of your old games on Windows 8.x, and the game crashes when too many sounds are playing at once. Can this be fixed?

    Unfortunately, this is a bug caused by old versions of GameMaker. Upgrade to Windows 10 to fix.

  • I am trying to play one of your very old games that I downloaded outside the time capsule, and the game won't even start up! Can this be fixed?

    Unfortunately, games made with GameMaker 6.1 do not work on modern computers. Download the Hello Fangaming Time Capsule + Launcher to get a patched version of the game.

  • I am playing Mario Editor, Shroom Editor, The Shroom Project, or Super Mario Dynamo, and the game is running too fast or too slow. Can this be fixed?

    Unfortunately, this is a bug with GameMaker: Studio 1.4. To fix this, you need to open Options.ini in Notepad, and change AlternateSyncMethod to 0 if the game is too fast, or 1 if the game is too slow.

  • I am trying to play Super Mario Eclipse, Super Mario Dynamo or Hello Fangaming Collection, and the game is telling me there is an error defining an external function. Can this be fixed?

    Unfortunately, this is a bug caused by a DLL used by these games. Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) to fix.

  • What are the game's controls? How do I switch to fullscreen? Etc...

    Read the manual or readme file included with each game. For the very old games that don't come with one, try pressing F1.

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