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I wonder what I should say... I love writting the story!

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So, this is my story acording to the Original Creator:

You know, The game is about the main protagonists named Eric Olaff "Crack" and his Green bat Pal, Doroia as they discover the mysterious space ship crashed down on the his home planet known as Neurosis. The days later, The evil Chairman Clancy and his henchmen Evil Ribbon who she was infested by the army of Black Invaders invading the lands of Planet Ripple stealing the power source as their part to conquer various planets, as now the Chairman Clancy now Invades the Crack's home planet as the army is searching the another power source to destroy the entire galaxy. The search was a failure, when meanwhile The Ninja (In the Sequel as a Samurai) known as Hando San who fought against the Army.
The one day later, Crack wakes up as Bluey started to talk, the Trio hears the evil white magician known as William who captured his niece Zhuang. On the way they ecounter a Australian-accented Roger Saucequatch, he's informed that the Army is bulding the barracks and colonies on their home planet, and he saw William captured her. The trio on the way ecounter the Muscular Jackrabbit who was summoned by William to Fight it. After all, William is stuck on the hole and Crack heavly kick him into the space and William lands on the hole as the Bunch of alien-like devils started to play the beat.
The Trio discover the way to later to VinciLands and Manchester City, fighting the minion army, destroying the bridge gate and the barracks as they later they go to MadManChester City, where he counters Dr. Chester who mentioned William is stuck on the moon, and says a nonsese that Chairman Clancy is going to destroy the Galaxy. Instead Dr. Chester and Trio started to Fight. After the trio defeated Chester, he by addicent drops his poision bottle and dies while his soul leads to the sky.
The trio lands on the Fennisinki Wastelands where they are searching the way to defeat the Chairman Clancy, as later the spaceship crashes and the snow scattering into Crack making him into a snowman. Crack ecounters a a young human girl named "Kid". while Crack mentions about the events of "Planet Nightmare" and they decided to find a way to make a easy-cheesy way to redesign the ship that look like a house. As later, they arrive to a Black Barracks where there are lots of Black Invaders and others in their army. The Trio decided to Fight them all and destroy all objects in this Place. After the Barracks destroyed, The Trio decided to build a house-like spaceship for Kid. The days later, The trio finished the ship. Kid mentions about his a - The Hourglass, Crack as he was decided to clone them to make them more.
The Trio waves a Goobye to Kid as Crack mentions about the possible sequel about the Robot Pirate invasion of her home planet. as soon, The Trio leaded everywhere to search the spaceport in, Gone Future land, ISO 9000 Garden, Cherry Blossom Gardens and they leaded nowhere, such as the Lost Woodpecker Woods. After the crossing around the Jungles and Forest, the trio discovered the mysterious temple of the ancient beanish people who lived in unknown civilization. Crack as decided to go first, but he can't pull up the stone wall from opening it, Doroia decided to do same as Crack but he can't too. But Bluey vomits from his mouth a unactive TNT and Crack throws into a stone wall and the wall opens. The Trio leaded to the place where he saw a one of power source Clancy wants to destroy the Galaxy, Crack picks it and the temple started to make earthquakes. and causing summoning the giant Bean-Bean wrecker and they decided to escape, but they were thrown into Vol-Cay-No.
The Trio searching the exit from the Volcanic cave and leaded to the Wild East desert, as they found a Arab-like town. Where the Robot pirates are loading the load into the ship, The trio decided to sneak into and jump into the barrel and they sent into the space.
The Trio in a Barrel land on the Planet of the 1930s, The Planet where cartoons from 1930s are everwhere, Rubberhorse-too edgy and so people have pizza-like black eyes. The trio decied to search the Old film that will lead to another dimension. as Soon, the Trio ecounters a Cartoon counterparts of themsleves and they start fight. after a fight, a mysterious black-fur devil decided to destroy them once and The trio decided to escape the planet as they enter into Shang Tu City. The Devil didin't make it catching the Trio because Devil themself started to erases and dissappear in this dimension. The Trio discover the Chinese City known as Shang Tu City. Crack mentions about the Romans to call it different way but he decided to burn it all in this same thing that what Julius Cessar did to the gauls.
as Later, Crack ecounters a Squad of Orcs from Orkia and they occupy the city and whom belong to the Trio or the Orcs Themsleves.
Crack decided to do the same thing with Azure Island that what Adolf Hitler has did to Europe during the WWII. Later after the destroying all of Terra Chronos, The Orks decided to occupy this planet as own and the Trio throwed up to the planet known as the Black Moon.
Trio searching around the Headquarters in the Amusement park. as Later they found the way to defeat the nefarious evil Chairman Clancy and started to destroy his headquarters.
After defeating Clancy. The Trio fall down to the their homeplanet. The planet is celebrating the planet is Save and Crack, Doroia and Bluey are Heroes. Crack, Doroia, Bluey, Crack's Father, Keith, Zhuang, Robin Saucequach are watching the fireworks. While later, Crack ecounters Hando San again from the beginning of the game. Hando revals his face and wants Crack to fallow himself to his Pagoda house in JapanTown.
During the followship of Hando, The trio found the mysterious old castle triggering events to "Crack and the Mysterious Castle" (1995).
In the Post-Credits, The planet where, William landed before, The planet started to sneeze and spits William into Planet Neurosis somewhere in the Castle from "Crack and the Mysterious Castle" being trapped in the Cage.

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