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the original story that I lost the motivation to make in the modkit

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After the death of the protagonist’s friends, the protagonist fulfills his friend’s dying wish: “follow the lights, make it to the city.”

The protagonist had to travel and follow the lights for about six months, he encounters lots of strange things, even different neighbor houses that have been broken because of the update, but eventually, he arrives in a city filled with signs and banners that antagonize “the smiling neighbor”, phrases like “not welcome, go away, monster” the protagonist walks around the town a little, but the weird thing is, the townsfolk seem to look at him a weird way and whisper to each other, “it’s the chosen one” “It’s our savior!” one of them even offered the protagonist into their house, he accepted of course, there were hospital beds in there and people were being treated on it casually, just sitting there in the bedroom, almost as if it was normalized in every home, pictures were shattered on the ground, the place just looked like a mess, they tried to give him jewelry, even a good luck charm, even asked if they could kiss them, he politely declined, after that, he ignored the strange claims and moves forward.

Eventually the mayor approaches him and says he wants to have a chat with the protagonist, the protagonist follows him into what looks like a court house, he sees a giant brick building that says “safe house” on it, there was a car crash that looked to be recent, people were angry, but once they get into the courtroom they move along hallways and move into a small room, it was the mayor’s office, he says to him “hey, this.. World that were in, were trying to find a way out of it and I was hoping that we could team up and find a way to fix it all, back before all of this happened, me and my people used to live in a normal neighborhood, but all of a sudden weird things started to happen.. glitches.. I guess you could call them, were starting to kill people.. There were people dying left and right at first, and our town was fully destroyed, I was one of the victims of it, I decided that it was enough and I settled down and built this town, and then we thrived. But then.. He showed up, I hate him so much, the smiling neighbor, there’s no doubt you’ve met him, he took lots of lives, even killed the young, or kidnapped them and turned them against us.. But.. he does have a valuable amount of information, I was considering a conversation with him tomorrow actually, he said he would behave, but on one condition, asked for privacy with just me and him, but with you here now, I decided to talk to you instead. We have to track him down, find out what he knows, and stop him.”

So the protagonist and mayor team up to stop the smiling neighbor, the mayor tells his town to stay safe and puts someone else in charge to watch the town while they’re gone, they could get to their destination pretty easily, considering they have easy access to the “lower world” of the glitched world, the same glitchy halls the protagonist had to walk through in the smiling neighbor’s basement, they encounter strange, glitched creatures that they have to use weapons such as guns against while on their way to the destination, they finally arrive at the lair but there’s a maze they have to get through blocking the entrance, the mayor and protagonist split up to find the entrance, as the protagonist walks around glitched hallways he comes across a big gap in between the hallway he was walking in, like it was split in half, the only thing outside of the hallway was a pitch black, glitchy space, fortunately there was a platform or a bridge to use to get from one side to the other, he hears a low growl and as he looks to the right, he sees the smiling neighbor, but this is different, the smiling neighbor is 10 times his size, he tries to smash the protagonist with his fist as he walks along the bridge, but the protagonist quickly starts to run for his life in a seemingly never endless maze, hallways being torn left and right from the smiling neighbor’s destructive behavior, groans of frustration can be heard from him, eventually the protagonist reaches the entrance, he finds the mayor waiting for him and the mayor quickly understands the situation, they quickly get in the lair, they stand there in a moment of silence, until they hear only a single pound on the structure, then more silence, the mayor uses a radio and contacts some of the people back at the village to tell them the situation, but in the middle of it, the smiling neighbor pops up in the middle of the room, casually stretching out his arm around 6 feet to knock the radio out of the mayor’s hands, and casually stretched back to normal.

The smiling neighbor, for the first time, begins to speak “im sorry to say this but, can you stop talking mayor?” then the smiling neighbor points a finger at him which seems to freeze him in time, he continues talking to the protagonist, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you, don't bother trying to run away, you know all of those hallways you ran through are broken, nowhere to run” the smiling neighbor slowly moves to a small chair and sits on it “you know, i’ve never wanted to kill you, this moment that were having right here, is what Ive been waiting for, I just wanted to tell you that I see limitless potential in you, and honestly, i think you would be a good edition to my cast” the protagonist stopped him mid sentence, “cast, what do you mean cast? where are you going with this?” the smiling neighbor’s smile, turned into an intense frown, for the first time “well.. the people down here, you’ve seen the conditions they live in, glitched monsters popping up left and right, always having to fight for your life.. thats no way to live.. how i see it, better to put as much people out of their misery, it mind sound cruel, but i only give painless deaths, and i was wondering if you wanted to join” the protagonist replied, “no! of course i wont! thats insane!” the smiling neighbor quickly changed his frown into a smile again, and said “oh well.. i guess ill have to put you out of your misery to then.. must be exhausting being the hero all the time, mr. protagonist” the smiling neighbor got up and pointed at him, the protagonist closed his eyes in fear, when he opened them, it was to his surprise he was still alive, he saw the glitched version of Nicky he had talked to, the one thar had been “expecting” him, the one who told him about the strange story of the god and his creations, standing in front of him, seemingly uneffected “Im tired of this sick and twisted mindset you have, i cant believe one of my creations would destroy other creations i’ve made” he said, the room went silent “so, it looks like the creator has to stand in front of me and tell me this for the 20th time, why dont you just kill me already if im being so bad?” the smiling neighbor replied “because you’re my creation too, you can be helped” the creator responded “oh jeez.. sorry protagonist, lets take this somewhere else”

The smiling neighbor pointed his finger and a new room appeared around them, the room seemed to be very big with platforms the protagonist could platform across, and the creator gone “now.. lets finish this, were in an untracable area, no one has ever gone this far, now, lets fight it out, take some guns” the smiling neighbor said, then grew 10X the protagonists size, then they fought, the protagonist won and the smiling neighbor was dead, afterwards the creator showed up and said that he looked everywhere for the protagonist, but wasn't mad the neighbor was killed, because it was an act of self defense, the protagonist was curious and asked the creator some questions, “how do you exist here? shouldnt you only exist in the outside world?” and “can you please help this world?” the creator explained that he exists in the outside world and just uses Nicky as an avatar, he explains that he’s doing the very best he can to help, but only popping up 10 minutes a day in the world, he used to work on games 24/7 but he explains he has a family now and has to do real work, and feed his kids, but hes doing the best he can for this world too, “well.. the smiling neighbor’s gone.. he was hurting lots of people but i guess i never had the strength to get

rid of him.. but i guess you did that for me.. thanks, anyways, im sure theres lots of other games and mods to play, but for now, you’ve gotta go, i promise ill fix this place up myself, please, dont come back” the creator pointed his finger at the protagonist, then darkness, then a big error on the screen, because, this did take place inside of a monitor after all, you return to the real world and put your headset down, its been a long day, the time is 11:48pm, you lay down, pull the covers over you, close your eyes, and fall asleep.



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