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Check out the modding solution for this puzzle title!

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The Entropy Centre, time-based puzzler, has opened up modding support for the game with a level editor - which, thanks to mod.io, has a dedicated hosting solution and the levels will be available to play on numerous platforms besides just PC. Read on to learn more about this head-scratching brain teaser and how to get started with custom levels for the game!

The Entropy Centre is Stubby Games' debut title (though another in a line of creative titles published by Playstack), first launching late last year. It's a puzzle game first and foremost where you've got to crank your brain into the fourth dimension and solve conundrums that recede through time as you progress. Sometimes you'll have plenty of room to reach a conclusion, but other barriers require quick thinking to reverse time before, say, an entire pillar falls on your head.

Image 11In The Entropy Centre, you play as a test subject in a dangerously grim setting

With a puzzle-solving gun that is brimming with personality and a setting that is, at times, coldly clinical, The Entropy Centre's comparable contemporaries are the likes of Portal or Antichamber (and indeed, there's a Portal mod executing the concept of time-based shenanigans already). Plenty of puzzles exist for players to dig into already, in a surprisingly sombre story that manages to elicit even grimmer vibes than that of the first Portal.

Image 10
Reversing the flow of time in increasingly fantastic setpieces is the core conceit of the game

Whilst some puzzle games' incredibly bespoke problems can be a detriment toward continuing to engage the player on repeat playthroughs, Entropy Centre has taken a leap in the UGC department with a new level editor that empowers users. Many of the features of the base game's puzzles are opened up for creators to experiment with, and whilst the level editor is only available to use on PC, thanks to being hosted on mod.io, content from the game can be explored on any platform.

Image 7
Players need to think in the fourth dimension - time - to work out the optimal solution for each puzzle

Nine levels already exist on mod.io for the game, six of which are "advanced" master levels made by Stubby Games themselves with another level by the studio has a proof of concept map for users to play around with. Two intrepid creators have already managed to upload their own puzzles to mod.io, so it's clear the community is ready to hit the ground running and get to grips with an intuitive editor designed for first-time creators.

Image 1

A newly released level editor allows users to build new puzzles for others to play

The update was introduced on March 30th, meaning as of now, you're already able to give the level editor a shot. The game is £16.07 GBP/$16.74 USD thanks to a weekend sale, so a great chance to pick it up, though it was also a part of the spring sale and so this might be a case of a title you just finished getting an additional lease of life. Either way, modding support for a new game is a win in our book - and we're excited to see who takes the plunge into the scene with The Entropy Centre as their entry point.

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