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"What is Questron?" Questron is a fantasy role-playing video game series produced by Strategic Simulations, Inc. Released in 1984 for Apple II, Atari and Commodore 64 platforms. "Why is this project titled Questron if it is not really anything todo with the real Questron?" I was born in the 80's and enjoyed playing Commodore 64 and Atari as a kid. I used to enjoy Role Playing Games like Questron, Questron II, Ultima and of course, the SSI/TSR Goldbox Series games (Death Knights of Krynn, Pools O

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Four Fantasy Heroes with Names: Cody, Alfoseat, Ewix and Zidka.


Download and unzip QUEST_DEMO.zip into desired folder location on your computer.

Execute "Questron.exe" to run Game Launncher

Execute "Game.exe" to run game directly using last known parameters.


UP/DOWN Arrows = Forward/Back movement

LEFT/RIGHT Arrows = Strafe Left/Right

LEFT Mouse Button = Attack

UP/DOWN Mouse Wheel = Change Characters

Numpad 0 (Ins) = Open/Activate

Page Down = Toggle Map

ESC/ENTER = Used in menu screen interface



Giant Spider

Dwelling: Caves, Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: Moderate.

Health: Low

Notes: Dangerous in swarms.


Skeleton Warrior

Dwelling: Sewers, Dungeons, Castles.

Damage: Higher

Halth: Mid Range

Notes: Usually encountered in small to medium sized groups.



Dwelling: Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: Low

Health: Low

Notes: Usually encountered in larger groups.


Poisonous Bat

Dwelling: Caves. Sewers, Dungeons.

Damage: Moderate but fast

Health: Low

Notes: Extremely Dangerous in even small groups! Look up and live.


Mutant Leech

Dwelling: Caves, Sewers, Dungeons, Wilderness.

Damage: High

Health: Mid Range

Notes: Moves fast and silently. Usually encountered in pairs.



Dwelling: Unknown

Damage: Low

Health: Low

Notes: Usually appear where Necromancers are raising the dead.

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