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Inspired by classic games like Shadow Caster, Dagger Fall, Catacomb 3D, Eye of The Beholder, Dungeon Hack, Wizardry 6: BoTCF and so on and so forth. This project takes A LOT -- nearly everything, sprite and texture wise, from the artwork of Strategic Simulations Inc. This is a tribute to them in all their glory. The final product will remain free, but I will spend quite some time drawing over these sprites to enhance but not lose the original magic that they brought to us and will continue to.

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(Raycasting Game Maker Engine)

Prototype Work Completed so far:

[Title screen Placeholder]

Capture of a fantasy character versus a green dragon.

[Menu Screen Placeholder]

Capture of the text-based Menu Screen.

[Loading Screen Placeholder]

Capture of a loading level text screen.

[Town Stage & Adventure Party Characters]

Four fantasy characters standing to form a diamond shape in a 3rd person perspective.

[Character: Clan Dwarf – Weapon(s): Crossbow w/ Explosive Bolts

& Battle Axe]

Playing as the Clan Dwarf.

[Character: Magic-User – Weapon(s): Lightning Wand, Ice Wand, Necklace of Magic Missiles]

Playing as the Magic-User.

[Character: Rogue – Weapon(s): Dagger, Sling]

Playing as the Rogue.

[Character: Drow/DarkElf – Weapon(s): Short Bow, Long Bow,

Composite Bow]

Playing as the Female Drow.

[Town Scenery & Sprites]

Town Scenery.

[Next Level Entry]

Exiting Level via stairway to descend to The Under World.

[Placeholder Level Load Screen]

Level Loading Screen, Text Based.

[Quest Stage: The Underworld]

Playing as Clan Dwarf.

[Exploring the Caverns]

Playing as Female Drow.

[Tombstones from Monster Kills]

Playing as Magic-User.

[Cave Bat approaches]

Playing as Clan Dwarf.

[A Giant Spider Attacks]

Giant Spiders Attack.

[Treasure Chest]

Treasure Chest Found in Cavern.

[Treasure Room]

Found A Treasure Room in the Caverns.

[Deadly Giant Leeches]

Deadly Giant Leeches approach.

[Placeholder Level Loading Screen]

Text-based Level Loading Screen.

[Quest Stage: The Sewer]

Playing as Female Drow.

[Combat with Skeleton Warrior]


[Combat with Kobolds]

Battling with several Kobolds.

[Gameplay Footage on YT]

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