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A fun and challenging meme game based on Apes and internet "stonks" and crypto culture.

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Legend Of The Ape was released on Steam last week featuring a single player top down shooter experience. However it is one of a kind, bringing to life the Ape culture commonly seen on social media such as twitter and reddit, delving deeply into memes and popular references.

Featuring 15 stages and more than 2 hours of play time at $2.99 USD (with an additional 35% discount at the time of writing), the game is definitely at a low price point.

Here are some other gameplay elements:

This video features ally bots that the Ape will meet along the way.

This video features a defending game mode within the game:

While looking simplistic, the game is not easy. Many players have left reviews that they found the game to be challenging, but in a fun way.

Hope you ape into the game and enjoy it!

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