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This game focuses on Carlton Eaves, Katsu Kleiner and Isaac Preston. Katsu is a cybernetically enhanced ex-soldier, and Isaac is skilled traceur and chemist. Carlton Eaves is a Pharmacist, and has proven himself quite the snitch already. His trial is very soon, and he will most testify information that will incriminate and convict one of Isaac's cooks; Nnijah Stone. Isaac employs Kleiner's assistance to make sure that Eaves will not appear in court.

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A lesson in the confounding mess that is GameGuru! This game was quite frustrating to build in many ways, and a joy in others. It has sucked at least 300 hours of my time up, but I am pretty happy with the final product. What you'll find here is 2 Levels- one very open ended, and one very linear, that will test your abilities in combat. Ready your twitch reflexes, and call upon the abilities you've learned from playing Mirror's Edge and Counter Strike, as you will need them in this challenging adventure!

Developer: Bugsy
Wolf- Moral support, so much else I cant even list it, models that ended up getting removed, police cars, etc.
EAI- 3DS MAX version of his hands
SmallG- for always doing my script requests
cybernescence- for the winzone script and loading screens feature
Disturbing13- curb and street models

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