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Enter the most brutal multiplayer arena and become the apex predator in GooseGame IO online. Geese are infamous for their cunning, viciousness, and bad temper. And this competitive deathmatch proves that beyond any doubt. Run around the enclosure, fight for food, level up, and peck other players to death. No need to download or install anything, just jump in and start having fun.

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Goose Game IO Homescreen

Basics of Survival

The goal is to defeat as many opponents as possible. The character walks automatically. Steer it in the desired direction by moving the cursor. Press LMB to strike, and RMB to speed up. Unfortunately, staying alive is not that simple. Each goose has certain characteristics determined by its level. To improve them, collect edible items by touching them. Grow in size to become more resistant and deal more damage.

Goose Game IO - Death Match

How to Play GooseGame.io Like a Pro

Keep away from large birds in the beginning. Reach a respectable mass and target smaller enemies. Try to prey on defenseless rivals weakened by previous encounters.

Goose Game IO - Play it Like a Pro

Don’t forget about bonuses. Take medicine to restore hit points. Collect swords to increase the power of attacks and lightning bolts to run faster.

Goose Game IO - Collect All the Items

Goose Game IO - Beware of Vicious Geese

Join GooseGame.io for free and cross beaks with other ruthless feathered warriors. Tear all the competitors to shreds and dominate the server!

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